Eddie Olczyk: Son, illness, Where is tonight, Is sick, Health

Eddie Walter Olczyk Jr. is a former center in the National Hockey League for 16 seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings, and Pittsburgh Penguins. He won the Stanley Cup with the Rangers in 1994.

Eddie Olczyk: Son, illness, Where is tonight, Is sick, Health


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Eddie Olczyk

Eddie Olszyk Jr., the son of former NHL forward and NBC Sports hockey analyst Eddie Olszyk, released the following statement on Twitter Thursday, in response to the countless messages the family received after his father was diagnosed with colon cancer. 


Eddie is at his home or at the doctor’s office, as he was declared unwell and admitted to the hospital on Saturday.

He is now said to be fine and has returned to normal health. However, the reason for his hospitalization has not been disclosed yet.

Fans are hoping for his good health. More information about his health will be available soon. He was hospitalized in 2017 with colon cancer. Although he conquered colon cancer in 2018, to protect him, surgeons performed surgery and excised a large part of him.

Where is tonight:

Eddie Olczyk: Son, illness, Where is tonight, Is sick, Health

Fans are worried about Eddie after the news of him being sick was public; tonight, it is possible that Eddie is in his own home or the hospital because on Saturday, he was reported sick and admitted to the hospital.

It is said that now he is fine and is returning to his normal health; however, the reason for admission to the hospital is yet to reveal. Fans are wishing him better health. More details of his health can be expected soon.

Is Sick:

He is now said to be alright and return to normal health. Nevertheless, the reason for his admission to the hospital has yet to be disclosed.

Fans are hoping for good health for him. Soon, further details on his health will be available. He was hospitalized with colon cancer in 2017. Although he overcame colon cancer in 2018, to protect him, the surgeons performed the surgery and excised a substantial chunk of his colon.


Olzic released a statement via Blackhawks announcing that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer. He underwent a surgical procedure to remove the tumor. In March 2018, Olczyk announced that he was officially “cancer-free”.

The Olczyk family lived a comfortable life as his father had earned a huge sum of money in his career. The family has never been in dispute.

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