Prime Drink: Prime Sports Drink, Company, Price, Net Worth & Value

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Prime Drink
Prime Drink

Prime Drink is a sport drink brand focused on targeting regular people. They promote the ability to “power any lifestyle” and strive to build a company that can rival the biggest beverage producers in the world.

Prime Drink
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They are underdogs who are prepared to go off against the opposition. They spent over a year putting in hundreds of hours to create a better product, build partnerships with retailers, and assemble a staff focused on it.

PRIME is on track to perhaps cash in on their individual niches with to its vibrant sports-inspired colors, famous endorsements, and fervent social media fans. Logan and KSI are essentially remaking THEIR cycle by designating Gatorade as their created rival.

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About Prime Drink Company

Logan Paul and KSI have joined forces to launch their own sports hydration company, ‘Prime Hydration’.

Paul and KSI teased their fans almost a week ago with an upcoming announcement. Fans were quick to jump the gun with many suggesting that the statement would relate to a trilogy fight between the two or an NFT project.

Logan Paul and KSI locked horns in the boxing ring twice. With the first fight ending as a majority draw, and the second ending as a split-decision victory for KSI, a trilogy fight was inevitable.

During the live Instagram session where Logan Paul was joined by KSI, the duo was expected to announce their trilogy fight. The pair shocked fans as they took to Instagram to make the announcement of their new beverage, ‘Prime Hydration’.

Price Of Prime Sports Drink

Prime Drink: Prime Sports Drink, Company, Price, Net Worth, Value

This delicious beverage is not too expensive. A Prime Hydration sports drink bottle costs approximately $29.99, regardless of flavor.

However, after conducting research and contacting Twitter users who have tried the Prime Hydration Drink, we have calculated a price estimate. A Twitter user purchased the Prime Drink for $2.

In addition, the user speculated that a bottle of Prime drink might cost around £1.75 in the United Kingdom, or $2 in US dollars.

Prime Drink Net Worth

Prime Drink’s estimated net worth is between $150 Million and $200 Million. More information regarding Prime Drink’s net worth may be found in the video above.

Net Worth:$150 Million – $200 Million
Total Supply:
Circulating Supply:

Prime Drink Value

PRIMEDRINK Liquidity:2,647.814 $(0.00%)
PRIMEDRINK Price:0.000000010287 $
Market Cap:10,286.742 $
Trading Volume 24h:3,892.878 $
Volume / Market Cap:37.84%
Transactions 24h:68 (100.00%)
24h Low / 24h High:N/A
7d Low / 7d High:N/A
All-Time High:N/A
All-Time Low:N/A
Changes for 24h:288.50%
Changes for 7d:0.00%

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Most people would assume that PRIME’s target market is athletes and others looking for beverages to supplement an active lifestyle because it is marketed as an “energy drink“.

Although such may be the case, it is not their main goal or target audience.

As was already established, PRIME aspires to offer more than just hydration when staying active. PRIME aspires to be a beverage that you can routinely consume and feel renewed after a demanding workday.

They hope to become a destination for customers looking for drinks or hydration.

This increases their customer base and exposes them to people from all walks of life. For instance, Logan dominates the leisure sector, whilst KSI dominates the gaming industry.

This has the benefit of allowing those who wish to drink PRIME as their main sports beverage to do so as well.

It embodies their larger objective of making PRIME Hydration a part of everyone’s daily lives.

Prime Drink Expected Growth Prediction

The market for creative products has not surpassed the audience of the creators as a whole. Whether it’s Chamberlain Coffee or Silly Juice from the Ace Family, the majority of their growth isn’t driven by natural customers.

A company like PRIME will need to be able to market to individuals who are unfamiliar with the brand in order to be successful in the beverage sector.

This implies that for the next two years, Logan and KSI won’t be posting about PRIME on their Instagram sites daily.

Instead, concentrate on the factors that make a firm successful, such as distribution, marketing, sales, and products.

For PRIME to last, it will be crucial to fortify a system and core basis that can support organic growth.


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