Emerging Talent: Canadian Athlete Shekai Mills-Knight Shines in Tennessee High School Football

When discussions about American football arise, it’s customary to focus on homegrown talent within the United States. However, Canada has steadily become a breeding ground for exceptional athletes, with several making their mark as Division 1 recruits at renowned Chattanooga boarding schools like Baylor and McCallie.

One such standout is Shekai Mills-Knight, a three-star running back from the 2025 class at Baylor (Tenn.), who has caught the attention of scouts and recruiters alike.

Exceptional Performance and Recognition:

Amidst a dynamic offensive season, Mills-Knight, despite joining the action after week four, has accumulated over 1,200 all-purpose yards, showcasing his resilience and undeniable skill set. His outstanding campaign has garnered attention on the field and led to notable offers, including a recent one from Tennessee.

VolReport recently spoke with Mills-Knight following the offer from Tennessee receivers coach Kelsey Pope. This marks his second SEC offer, and it came with a unique challenge from the young coach.

“He asked me about my family, then told me I’d have to come up on a visit one day with Cam Sparks. He told me if I keep competing with Cam in the weight room and we challenge each other in practice, we are going to be dangerous next year,” shared Mills-Knight.

Transition and Triumph:

The journey for Mills-Knight began with a significant decision to transfer to Baylor in Chattanooga, Tenn., in April. Despite the complexities of moving from another country, the fit at Baylor proved right both on and off the field for the Canadian athlete.

“When I came down, the people showed me straight love, so I fit right in, and everybody loves me here. It helped me become more independent and turned me into a man being on my own,” said Mills-Knight.

During this transition, Mills-Knight connected with fellow Canadian and Ohio State tight end commit Max LeBlanc, who provided crucial support on and off the field.

“Having other Canadians like Max helped a lot because he’s a great leader on and off the field. He keeps me in check, and we could relate to a lot of things and even speak to each other in French sometimes,” he added.

Rising Star on the Field:

Despite facing challenges, including an ankle injury that delayed the start of his season, Mills-Knight’s resilience and determination shone through. His speed and skill were evident in crucial moments, notably in the state championship against McCallie, where he rushed for 158 yards and a touchdown against a formidable defense.



As a running back, Mills-Knight draws inspiration from legendary figures like Emmitt Smith, Marshawn Lynch, and Bo Jackson, incorporating elements from their playing styles into his own.

“I feel like my speed came back after dealing with the injury I had from the start of the year,” said Mills-Knight.

Unbeknownst to many, Mills-Knight’s family has a unique connection to speed, with his uncle, Glen Mills, having been Usain Bolt’s track coach for Jamaica until 2009.

Promising Future:

After an impactful introduction to Tennessee high school football, Shekai Mills-Knight is poised for continued growth, solidifying his position as one of the standout backs in the state as he looks ahead to a promising future.




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