Moment Drink: Net Worth, Valuation Ingredients & Where To Buy Explored!

Moment Drink was established by a husband and wife duo – Faheem Kajee and Aisha Chottani, who, with their numerous years of experience in high-powered positions as management consultants, are more than qualified to run their own business.

While Aisha graduated from Harvard Business School and is an expert in logistics, Faheem has founded start-ups with companies like Google and has also worked for a few venture capitalist firms.

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Moment Drink: Net Worth, Valuation Ingredients & Where To Buy Explored!

Moment Drink is a non-carbonated beverage that is manufactured using a unique formulation that combines natural components (adaptogens) that have been “proved to improve alpha brainwaves and reduce stress,” similar to meditation.

Hibiscus Dragon Fruit, Tulsi Lemon, and Rooibos Blood Orange are the three varieties available at the present. At a glance, a drink that helps you feel calm, as after meditating or taking a hot bath.

Moment Drink Net Worth & Valuation

The estimated Net Worth of Moment Drink is around $2 Million on the Shark Tank. However, it has received no deal yet.

Faheem Kajee and Aleesha Chottani. On Shark Tank, he asked for $200,000 for 10% of a $2 million value.

Moment Drink Ingredients

The Ingredients of Moment Drink include the following elements and substances:

  • L-theanine occurring s naturally in green tea that contain nootropics that increase alpha brainwaves.
  • Ashwagandha, an ancient root used in Ayurveda, an adaptogen sourced in India
  • Fruit flavors: Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, and Lemon
  • Teas: Hibiscus, Tulsi/Holy Basil, and Rooibos
  • Herbs: Thyme, Cardamom, and Cinnamon
  • Natural sweeteners: Stevia, Monk Fruit, and Erythritol
  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Moment is non-GMO, non-carbonated, caffeine-free, fat-free, sugar-free, Keto-friendly. And for an extra-added attraction, it has 9-15 calories!

Aisha and Faheem would want you to take a moment the next time you’re feeling frazzled.

The Moment was named to the coveted Amazon Launchpad Program and won the BevNET New Beverage Showdown 2020, the beverage industry’s most prestigious honor.

Aisha and Faheem contribute a percentage of their profits to educational projects that encourage youngsters to practice mindfulness.

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Where To Buy Moment Drink

The Moment Drink is listed on Amazon as “Moment Botanical Water STILL – Variety pack Healthy & Natural: Hibiscus, Blood Orange, Lemon. L-Theanine and Ashwagandha for Zen & Stress Relief. No Caffeine or Added Sugar. Keto. 6 Cans” But it’s Currently Unavailable.

Where To Buy Moment Drink

Amazon describes the Moment Drink as:

  • DON’T EAT SUGAR OR ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS IF YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY: There is no added sugar. There are no artificial sweeteners in this recipe. It’s keto-friendly. There is no caffeine and no artificial ingredients in this product. Calorie count is low. Non-GMO. There are no preservatives in this dish.
  • ADD ADAPTOGENS AND NOOTROPICS TO YOUR DIET TO INCREASE MENTAL CLARITY: Ancient adaptogens like Ashwagandha and L-Theanine (green tea extract) increase brain function, reduce cortisol levels, aid battle stress and anxiety, and improve concentration and attention in our patented formulation.
  • STILL A CALM MIND BEVERAGE: Non-carbonated and sugar-free, it gives you the mental clarity you need to perform at your best. Allow yourself to feel alpha brain waves, which are similar to the ones you get when you meditate.
  • INGREDIENTS THAT ARE GOOD FOR YOU: Natural fruit (Blood Orange, Dragon Fruit, Lemon), teas (Hibiscus, Tulsi/Holy Basil, Rooibos), herbs (Thyme, Cardamom, Cinnamon), and other components burst with fresh tastes.

Aisha and Faheem looked into hundreds of components from all around the world, many of which came from their multicultural backgrounds, all of which were backed up by scientific evidence and all of which were extremely nutritious. In their kitchen, they prepared thousands of trial batches.

Moment, a patented mix of natural ingredients that increases alpha brainwaves and reduces stress, met their criteria for being healthy, nutritional, and delicious.

Consider how you feel after a quick walk or a few deep cleansing breaths: relaxed but energized. Moment takes care of all of that for you. Faheem is the CEO and Aisha is the CFO of Moment, LLC, which they created together.


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