Who Was Shane Warne Married To? Wife Name, Age, Photo

Shane Warne Wife
Shane Warne Wife

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Who Was Shane Warne Married To?

Shane Warne married Simone Callahan in 1995, and the couple had three children together. However, the couple separated in 2005.

Shane Warne, a former Australian great, died on Friday at the age of 52. Despite his on-field brilliance, Warne had a tumultuous marriage. Shane’s scandals, which he was known for, led to an unpleasant divorce from Simone Callahan in 2005, 10 years after they married.

In this article, we’ll explore Shane Warne’s personal life, including his marriage to Callahan and the events that led to their divorce.

Shane Warne Wife Name, Age, Photo

Shane Warne’s wife’s age is 52 years as of 2022. Simone Callahan first met Shane Warne in 1992 at a celebrity function in Melbourne. At the moment, the spin superstar was set to play his debut match for Australia. The couple dated for a period before marrying each other in 1995.

Shane Warne Wife Photo

Brooke, Summer, Jackson, Shane Warne, and Simone Callahan’s three children are now in their twenties. Simone divorced Warne in 2005 after his many scandals but maintained in touch with him for the sake of her children.

After their divorce, Simone Callahan and Shane Warne rekindled their romance in 2009, subsequently reconciling as a couple in 2010. They eventually split up again in 2010, after a brief reunion. Due to the times, Shane had ‘cheated’ on her, Callahan had informed the media that she had a variety of ‘trust difficulties.’

Callahan is presently based in Melbourne after divorcing Warne. The 52-year-old has become a yoga instructor and has over 19,000 Instagram followers to whom she routinely posts photos and videos of herself performing various yoga poses.

The Australian great spoke out about his tumultuous marriage in his documentary Shane. He claimed in the video that when Callahan left him and took their children with her, he drank alone in a hotel room.

“That, I believe, was the lowest. My children would miss out on seeing me, and it was all my fault… I’d return and plunder the little bar “Warne has stated previously.


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