Valtteri Bottas Embarks on Cycling Adventure in Girlfriend’s Hometown

Valtteri Bottas Embarks on Cycling Adventure in Girlfriend's Hometown
Valtteri Bottas Embarks on Cycling Adventure in Girlfriend's Hometown

Former 10-time Grand Prix winner, Valtteri Bottas, is diversifying his off-season activities with a cycling stint in Adelaide, Australia.

The Formula 1 driver, well-known for his recent nude calendars, is set to explore the cycling scene in the homeland of his girlfriend, professional cyclist Tiffany Cromwell.

Bottas, who has frequently showcased his passion for cycling alongside Cromwell, is planning to compete in a cycling competition in Australia before the Christmas break. Sharing his excitement, Bottas mentioned, “The plan is to go there before Christmas.

Tiffany has one training camp actually in California early in December before that. That’s like, mid-January, just during that time, so that’s an interesting one,” during an interview with Speedcafe.

Cycling Event Down Under

In collaboration with Cromwell, Bottas has organized a cycling event to coincide with their visit to Australia.

The former Mercedes driver’s eagerness to hit the road on two wheels reflects his dedication to maintaining fitness during the F1 off-season, gearing up for the challenges of the upcoming season.

Crucial 2024 F1 Campaign

As Bottas transitions to Alfa Romeo, the upcoming 2024 F1 campaign holds significant importance for his career. Once a dominant force during his five-year reign with Mercedes, Bottas now seeks to regain prominence after going somewhat under the radar since joining Ferrari’s sister team.

Reflecting on his 2023 performances, which were marked by sporadic notable displays, Bottas recognizes the need for a strong campaign to secure his place in the competitive world of Formula 1.

The upcoming season will serve as a crucial juncture for Bottas, determining his trajectory in the sport for the years to come.




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