Michael Massey F1: Has Been Sacked, Salary, Stats, fantasy, News

Michael Massey (born 1978) is an Australian motorsports official. Since March 2019 he has served as the FIA ​​Formula One Race Director.

Michael Massey F1: Has Been Sacked, Salary, Stats, fantasy, News


Has been sacked:

Max Verstappen has been confirmed as the winner of the 2021 Formula One World Championship after a spectacular last-lap overtake from title rival Lewis Hamilton at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The Red Bull driver looked out of the race at various points, with Hamilton winning a record eighth world title, but after a safety car crashed just five laps from the end of the race, Verstappen seized the opportunity.

He changed his tires during the delay and, after allowing the lapped cars to clear the safety car, he and leader Hamilton had a last-lap race in which the Dutchman prevailed. 


Before three years, Massi was appointed by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile as deputy race director for Formula Two and Formula Three.

He then served as F1 race director Charlie Whiting’s deputy, and following the latter’s tragic death, Massi was assigned the role of Formula One race director.

What is the need of an aunt in this role? Well, the Australian’s job is to oversee the logistics of the Grand Prix weekend, ensuring that all cars, drivers and tracks are compliant with FIA rules and regulations before, during and after the race. Since 2019, he has been the FIA ​​Formula One Race Director, Safety Delegate, Permanent Starter and Head of the F1 Technical Department.


Michael Massey F1: Has Been Sacked, Salary, Stats, fantasy, News

On Grand Prix weekends, Masi takes full responsibility for race management and is directly responsible in many areas, such as the cancellation of red flag races, the use of safety cars and virtual safety cars and the use of black and white warning flags.

It also decides where to monitor the track limits on individual racetracks.

However, he does not decide on penalties – this is the task of a panel of four judges, including a former racing driver.


The main official contact between Massey and the Formula 1 drivers is his online post-training briefing, which takes place on the Friday evening of each race weekend, but drivers can also meet him casually at other times.

Each team has a formal contact through a designated representative, who is usually the sporting director or team manager.

The team’s sporting directors also hold their regular meetings with Massey on the Thursday before the weekend, but – like the drivers – they can meet with him at any time or call him if questions arise.


Michael Massey has been sacked as Formula One racing director after an investigation into his handling of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December.

Massey erred in ending the title dispute between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton last year.

The race was settled with a fast one-lap sprint, which saw Verstappen pass Hamilton to win the title after safety car restart rules were incorrectly applied by Masi.

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