Spanish Grand Prix Shifts its Gear: Madrid to Host F1 from 2026 Onward

In a significant development for motorsport enthusiasts, Formula 1 is poised for a notable transformation as reports suggest the Spanish Grand Prix is set to move its venue from the iconic Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to the bustling streets of Madrid starting in 2026.

Amidst Formula 1’s surging global popularity in recent years, the sport has witnessed the emergence of new circuits on the racing calendar to meet the escalating demand. The latest revelation indicates a shift in the Spanish Grand Prix location, marking a return to the heart of Madrid after a hiatus spanning several decades, with the last event hosted in the city dating back to 1981.

Official Announcement Awaited

Although the official announcement regarding this monumental move was anticipated last Thursday, reliable sources, such as GRANMADRID, suggest that the formal statement from Formula 1’s headquarters in London is imminent. Barring that, the announcement is expected to be made in the coming week.

Collaborative Efforts and Political Backing

The ambitious project, centered around Ifema, has garnered strong backing from influential figures. José Vicente de los Mozos, President of Ifema, played a pivotal role in championing the project, turning what once seemed like a utopian idea into a tangible reality. Furthermore, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the President of the Community, and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the Mayor of Madrid, have been staunch supporters of this initiative from its inception.

Economic Implications

The economic impact of Madrid hosting the Spanish Grand Prix is anticipated to be substantial, estimated at around 500 million euros annually for the 10-year duration of the event. This economic boost is poised to benefit various sectors within the city.

Infrastructure Investment

As the city gears up for this monumental shift, the construction required for the Madrid street race is projected to involve a substantial investment. Approximately 100 million euros are earmarked for building the 5 km long circuit, featuring sections that are both permanent and temporary. The circuit will wind around pavilions of the fairgrounds, with the starting line strategically positioned in front of the main building’s façade.

The circuit’s route will traverse the M-11 towards Valdebebas, running parallel to the Real Madrid Sports City, and subsequently passing through the grounds that have hosted the Mad Cool festival for several years before making its way back to the pavilions. Undoubtedly, the organizers of the Spanish Grand Prix face a colossal task in ensuring the successful execution of this ambitious venture.

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