Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2023)

There are various criteria to use when deciding which sport is the most paid in the globe. Sports like boxing, basketball, and soccer attract the highest-paid athletes in the world. However, rather than looking at individual salaries, it is important to look at the best-paid professional sport as a whole in order to provide an answer to this question.

Top 10 Highest-Paying Sports in the World in 2023

1. Basketball

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2022)

The world’s best-paid sport is basketball. The NBA is the world’s most renowned and well-paid basketball league. Basketball started paying quite well in the 1970s. All throughout the world, athletes were interested in this. As a result, a lot of highly trained athletes began playing basketball. It is the sport that Americans watch the most.

Basketball players attempt to go to the NBA from all around the world. NBA is the paying sport in the world, with the best-paid player earning $343 million annually.

2. Boxing

Currently, boxing is the second-highest-paid sport in the world. A match’s highest-paid boxer made $333 million. Currently, Floyd Mayweather has the highest net worth among all athletes and is the richest boxer in the world.

3. American Football

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2022)

One of the most viewed sports in the USA is American football. Millions of people around the nation are lovers of it. The NFL is the most well-known American football league worldwide. The company attracts players from all over the world because of its high compensation.

The highest-paid NFL player earns $253 million annually, making football the third-highest-paying sport in the world.

4. Golf

Golf is one of the most difficult sports to master, yet appearing to be one of the easiest to learn. One of the most popular sports in the USA is golf. Golf’s highest-paid professional earns $127 million annually.

5. Soccer

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2022)

Starting in the mid-19th century, football is now popular throughout the world, including in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The highest-paid footballer has earned $126 million, making football the fifth highest-paid sport in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest football player in the world, he is the first billionaire footballer in the world.

6. Tennis

Currently, tennis is among the most popular sports in the world. Millions of people around the world are lovers of it. One of the sports that ladies enjoy the most is tennis. Even female players receive really high income from it. Due to this, female tennis players dominate the list of highest-paid female athletes.

Tennis is currently the 6th highest-paying sport in the world, with the top-paid player earning $106 million annually.

7. Ice Hockey

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2022)

Ice hockey is one of the most popular and most-watched sports in the United States. This highest-paid game has helped its highest-paid player earn $99 million annually. The popular winter sport has millions of fans around the world.

8. Baseball

Baseball is another lucrative sport that shares the same geographic popularity as motor racing and wrestling. Baseball player with the highest annual salary ever earned $38 million. After ice hockey, baseball is the sixth highest-paid sport.

Baseball was created in the 18th century as well, however, the rules have changed slightly throughout time.

9. Auto Racing

Top 10 Highest Paying Sports in the World (2022)

In the USA and Europe, auto racing is a favored sport. This amazing sport is one of the riskiest sports, which makes it highly intriguing and daring.

On the list of the most-paid sports, the driver of the fastest car earned $18 million, ranking car racing as the ninth highest-paid sport.

10. Wrestling

One of the most popular sports in the USA is wrestling. Right now, it is the tenth-highest-paying sport in the world. The highest-paid wrestler is Broke Lisner, who receives a $12 million salary.


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