The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023

Various sports have a large following; learn more about The Most Popular Sports in the World in 2023.

Most Popular Sports In The World
Most Popular Sports In The World

Sports are highly important in every human existence since they keep individuals healthy, fine, and strong. It is critical at every stage of life. It also enhances people’s personalities. Sports keep our organs aware and our hearts stronger when we participate in them on a regular basis.

Sports have always been prioritized since ancient times, and they have gotten more exciting in recent years. There are many of The Most Popular Sports In The World in 2023. Because of the physical activity, blood pressure and blood vessels remain healthy.

Daily movement lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Different people have different sports interests, but the motion in all sports is the same. In This Article, You will explore the list of the Top 10 Best and Most Popular Sports In The World in 2023.

Top 10 Among The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023

Sports are becoming increasingly important as a means of generating capital/money, and the number of people participating is growing. By participating in sports at an early age, you can improve your health and avoid certain ailments. Because more oxygen is delivered through sports, lung function increases and becomes healthier. Even in old age, sports promote bone strength. Explore in detail about Top 10 Sports in the World:

1. Football (Soccer) – 4.5 Billion Fans

Soccer is a global sport that bridges gender and racial divides. Soccer’s popularity has grown dramatically in recent years under many names in various countries. According to a poll, soccer is played by around 4 million people worldwide, making it a global sport.

Soccer, which originated in twelfth-century England, is the world’s most watched athletic event. People are now infatuated with FIFA World Cups, and it has become a part of their daily lives. Soccer has successfully captured the attention of the worldwide public and brought the world together as one.

Country Wise Popularity Of Football/Soccer

LocationPopulation “Interested” or “Very Interested” in Soccer
United Arab Emirates80%
Portugal 75%
South Africa70%
South Korea67%
The U.K.51%
Czech Republic50%

Soccer, as previously stated, is a worldwide sport, which means that it is watched and played in various countries. In contrast to other sports, soccer is the only one that is appreciated by people of all ages. It has brought individuals of various races and communities together.

Another factor for soccer’s growing appeal is its simplicity. The sport’s fundamentals are simple to grasp, which is why young children like playing it. Even if one does not have a complete understanding of its rules, anyone can grasp the fundamentals by viewing it for the first time. Its less complex structure has allowed it to spread beyond national borders.

Controlling the ball on the ground necessitates a great deal of finesse and artistic techniques. The players must tackle the opposing players while transporting the ball from one corner of the field to the opposing end. The players must practice for hours and hours in order to learn all of the strategies that will help them become future stars.

2. Cricket – 2.5 Billion Fans

Cricket is a very popular sport that is played all around the world, yet in some nations, it is more popular. We use web search traffic for the phrase ‘cricket’ to determine which countries are the most popular. Also, see the lists of popular sports in various countries.

Country Wise Popularity Of Cricket

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
3Sri Lanka68
6United Arab Emirates30
8Trinidad and Tobago26
9South Africa24
10New Zealand22
11United Kingdom19
15Papua New Guinea14

According to online searches for the term, cricket is most popular in India. Indians are incredibly passionate about cricket, and their big population also helps with search traffic figures. It is obvious how well the game of cricket expanded throughout the English-colonized countries.

3. Hockey – 2 Billion Fans

Field Hockey and Ice Hockey bother are popular around the World. Despite being the world’s third most popular sport, with an estimated two billion fans worldwide, field hockey is only broadcast live on television once every four years during the Olympics or Commonwealth Games.

While Pay TV subscriptions provide more coverage for Australians, commercial broadcasters like Fox Sports only broadcast infrequent major tournaments. It’s as though athletes only emerge from their locker rooms when there’s a world championship to be won.

Country Wise Popularity Of Ice Hockey

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
4United States42
6Czech Republic30

This is true for the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, and despite the fact that field hockey is played in 112 countries throughout the world, regular premiership games are not televised or appropriately publicized.

From the standpoint of the audience, hockey is comparable to football, the world’s most watched and participated in the sport. It is simple to understand and generally translatable. The game features attackers and defenders, as well as passing and tackling, and each goal is worth one point. There can only be one winner when two teams compete in a fast-paced and highly skilled game, making hockey the ideal game for conventional sports fans.

4. Tennis – 1 Billion

England is the birthplace of modern tennis. Walter Clopton Wingfield, a British Army officer, is credited with inventing contemporary lawn tennis. In the late 1860s, he was among those experimenting with lawn tennis. He also established the rules of lawn tennis, and the game is presently played according to his rules.

Tennis is watched by an estimated one billion people globally, with viewers tuning in from all around the world. To score points, players on both sides of an extending net aim to strike a ball with a racket so that it either passes past their opponents or bounces twice on their opponents’ side. Tennis players such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams have become household names all around the world.

Country Wise Popularity Of Tennis

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
3New Zealand70
5United Kingdom63
8United States56
16Lao People’s Democratic Republic41
19Hong Kong38
20South Africa37

Tennis is the most popular and most widely played sport in Australia. Australia first participated in tennis in 1950. From 1950 through 1967, Australia’s men won the Davis Cup fifteen times. (From Wikipedia)

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam of the year, held in Australia in January. Australia II will commence in February 2021. Tennis is the most popular sport in Australia, with a 100 percent regional popularity.

5. Volleyball – 900 Million

One of the reasons so many people enjoy volleyball is that they may play whenever and wherever they want. Indoor volleyball courts may be found in almost every town and city. These courts contain floor markings that allow players to indicate whether the ball is in or out of bounds.

Volleyball courts are frequently set up in people’s gardens at home. They only require a net, a volleyball, and something to indicate the ground. A game, like soccer, requires very little equipment to organize.

Country Wise Popularity Of Volleyball

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
7United States56

Beach volleyball is one of the most popular sand sports. Some of the finest volleyball players in the world enjoy playing the sport on sunny beaches. However, you do not have to be at the top of your game to participate. Beach volleyball is open to players of all skill levels and ages. It motivates people to be more active outside.

When compared to playing indoors, the sandy ground is much softer, thus diving for the ball is not as dangerous. A game, like playing indoors, does not require a lot of equipment to get started. However, if it is runny, remember to use sunscreen.

6. Table Tennis – 875 Million

Table tennis is a popular sport on every continent (I’m sure those scientists in Antarctica enjoy a game of ping pong around the office on a freezing day!). In reality, table tennis is the most popular racquet sport of all time, even surpassing traditional tennis and badminton; yep, the table tennis table is first.

Country Wise Popularity Of Table Tennis

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
2United States71
3South Korea70

The key to its success is its accessibility—young and old can pick up a paddle and play; in fact, they can even play against one another. What other sport pits adolescents against 70-year-old and considers it fair? Table tennis has an advantage over other sports in this regard. Furthermore, it is convenient to play (indoors or outdoors, rain or shine), and players are at very minimal risk of injury when participating.

In conclusion, it is an excellent game for both casual and professional gamers.
So, which countries are the most enthralled by this wonderful sport? Home Leisure Direct has the solution. And who knows what else? This information could be crucial in helping you choose your next vacation destination or organize that table tennis world tour you’ve been dreaming about for years.

7. Basketball – 825 Million

Basketball is a well-known sport all around the world. It is well-liked in almost every Asian, European, and American country. Basketball has even been named an Olympic sport. Basketball’s Olympic success has propelled it to the world’s second-most popular team sport, trailing only soccer. Basketball has emerged as a global economic and social force.

Basketball is one of the least expensive sports to play. There is no additional equipment necessary. To get started, all you need is a ball and a hoop. It is not even necessary to utilize a basketball or a hoop. Any ball or other object can be used to make a hoop. In addition to the hoop, a box can be used. Such equipment is available for purchase. There is high-end basketball and pro hoops, to name a few. To save money on these items, it’s a good idea to hunt for offers on the internet.

Country Wise Popularity Of Basketball

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
1United States100
10New Zealand20
11Puerto Rico20
14Bosnia and Herzegovina16

Basketball is the most accessible sport to the general populace. It can be both played and watched. Basketball requires only one person to play and is a lot of fun. Basketball can be played on the road, in a schoolyard, inside, outside, or in a variety of different places. Basketball is now broadcast globally, so you may watch a game from anywhere in the world. The games are also live broadcast online.

Basketball rules are simple to learn and apply. The game’s simple rules make it easy for players of all ages to learn and play.

Basketball encourages collaboration, which is one of the main reasons it is popular with parents. They learn how to work together with their classmates and develop vital social skills. Basketball also improves focus while burning calories and improving balance, agility, and stamina.

8. Baseball – 500 Million

Baseball is played all throughout the world, though it is more popular in some places. We use web search traffic for the phrase ‘Baseball’ to determine which countries are the most popular. Also, see the lists of popular sports in various countries.

Baseball is most popular in the United States, according to online searches, with Central American countries placing highly as well.

Country Wise Popularity Of Baseball

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
1United States100
2Dominican Republic43
4Puerto Rico41
12South Korea10
15New Zealand7
17United Kingdom7
18Costa Rica7

Baseball is so good that teams don’t need cheerleaders to distract the fans from a crushing defeat. When they lose, they do so with style.

Baseball is casual and carefree, unlike other games that smack you over the head with time constraints, like quarters or periods sticking to 15-minute intervals. Baseball decides when to call it quits.

As a woman, it’s tough not to notice that baseball players have the greatest uniforms of any sport. Unlike in other sports, their chiseled faces are not protected by helmets. Their chiseled legs aren’t hidden behind baggy shorts.

This brings me to my next point—do you want to guess what the best part of the uniform is? Yes, you are correct. It’s the trousers. Go ahead and try to argue with that.

There is no sport that honors history more than baseball. Every baseball season, records are set and broken. Baseball is continually creating history, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it.

9. Rugby – 475 Million

Rugby is a popular spectator and participation sport for three key reasons. To begin, the rugby community is highly welcoming and encouraging of newcomers. Second, rugby fosters interpersonal relationships in ways that other sports cannot. Third, it’s just plain entertaining to play and watch.

Rugby has an estimated 475 million followers. The sport began in England and is today most popular in the United Kingdom as well as other Commonwealth countries such as Australia and New Zealand. To score points in rugby, two teams attempt to kick, carry, or pass a ball over an end (goal) line. Rugby, like American football, is a contact sport with a lot of tackling. However, unlike American football players, who wear a lot of padding and strong helmets to protect themselves, rugby players wear very little.

Country Wise Popularity Of Rugby

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
2New Zealand43
4South Africa41

Rugby is without a doubt one of the most well-known and popular sports in the world, with an estimated 410 million fans.

Rugby is a well-known sport in most countries throughout the world, and while its popularity surge remains limited to a few countries, we notice a year-on-year increase in the number of nations participating in this game.

According to legend, the game began in 1823 when child William Webb Ellis disregarded the rules and proceeded to pick up the ball and run with it. Maybe it’s the game’s spirit of revolt that makes it so alluring.

10. Golf – 450 Million

Golf is the perfect summer pastime and one of the world’s most popular sports. In the United States alone, an estimated 441 million rounds of golf were played in 2019. Golf has grown in popularity throughout the epidemic due to its socially distancing-friendly form of play. Despite lockdowns and limited capacity inside clubhouses, golfers played 10 million more rounds in 2020 than the previous year.

If you’re not a golfer, you’re undoubtedly wondering what makes golf so popular. Golf is considerably more than just swinging a club, as you’ll quickly discover. It is enjoyed by both young and old people since it is leisurely but active, social but personal, and very entertaining. So let’s get started and figure out why men play so much golf.

Country Wise Popularity Of Golf

RankingCountryRegional Popularity *
3United Kingdom80
4United States79
5South Africa78
7New Zealand55

The most crucial aspect of golf to realize is that it is about more than just the game on the course. A single round of golf takes hours to finish, so it can rapidly turn into an all-day outing. It’s played at a leisurely pace, allowing you to take in the surroundings, soak up the sun, and enjoy the company of others.

Country clubs and golf courses make it simple to combine golf and leisure. In addition to their lush greens, several golf courses provide off-course activities for the entire family, such as restaurants, pools, and spas. Some of them are even full-fledged resorts. While the men are out golfing, the ladies can enjoy brunch on the patio and a refreshing plunge in the pool. After the guys finish their 18 holes, everyone can reassemble on the lawn for supper and beverages.


There are many other sports that are getting popular like Chess, Kho-Kho, etc. But We have covered the Top 10 of The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023. Hope you find this information helpful, stay connected with for more valuable content.

Infographic of The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023

Most Popular Sports In The World
10 Most Popular Sports In The World

FAQs Regarding The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023

What is the most popular sport in the world?

As of 2023, Football is the most popular sport in the World in terms of its fans and viewership worldwide.

How popular is golf in the world?

Golf is quite popular in the World as the game of rich people. It stands at 100th place in the list of Top 10 of The Most Popular Sports In The World 2023

What are the top 5 most popular sports?

American football- National Football League (NFL)
Baseball- Major Baseball League (MLB)
Basketball- National Basketball Association (NBA)
Ice hockey-National Hockey League (NHL)
Soccer-Major League Soccer (MLS)

What is the least famous sport?

Kabaddi & Shooting are among the least famous sports around the world. However, these are getting popular in Asian countries like India.

What Sport is the Hardest?

Boxing is considered to be the Hardest Sport in which competitors have to actually punch each other which can cause huge injuries and pain.


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