Maria Sharapova’s Perspective on Lewis Hamilton’s Hectic F1 Schedule

Maria Sharapova's Perspective on Lewis Hamilton's Hectic F1 Schedule
Maria Sharapova's Perspective on Lewis Hamilton's Hectic F1 Schedule

Former tennis icon Maria Sharapova recently reflected on the demanding schedule of Formula 1 drivers, particularly highlighting the rigorous commitments faced by British racing legend Lewis Hamilton. Despite a challenging F1 season, where Hamilton has been tirelessly working to elevate his performance, Sharapova commended the seven-time champion for gracefully managing a schedule filled with numerous responsibilities.

During a recent discussion, Sharapova drew a comparison between the schedules of F1 and tennis. Having attended the Miami Grand Prix, she was astounded by the extent of sponsor responsibilities and interviews that Hamilton navigated during the races. The 36-year-old athlete marveled at Hamilton’s ability to wake up and excel in his job despite being physically drained from such energy-consuming tasks.

“At Formula 1, I mean, what Lewis is doing ahead of a race. I actually was in Miami and I saw some of his sponsor responsibilities and I just couldn’t believe the amount of events and interviews. And then how do you wake up and want to do your job? Beat someone when so much of your energy is drained?”

Furthermore, Sharapova emphasized the exceptional nature of individual stars who consistently triumph, acknowledging the additional responsibilities they shoulder. She noted how Hamilton, along with other F1 drivers, has to deliver top-notch performances in every race while managing high workloads and commitments beyond the racetrack.

“I think it just shows you when there is that individual and that star that wins over and over, how special it is because of everything else that they’ve also had to be responsible for.”

Hamilton’s Winless Streak and Mercedes’ Developments

Despite widespread acclaim, Lewis Hamilton has experienced a winless streak for the past two seasons, unable to hear the British national anthem in celebration. Mercedes, however, remains steadfast in their commitment to the development of the W15, aiming to secure a Grand Prix victory in the upcoming season.

The 2023 season marked a departure from tradition, as Formula 1 did not play the British National Anthem ‘God Save the Queen or King’ throughout the entire season. Mercedes, despite finishing in a commendable P2 in the constructor’s championship, faced fierce competition from Ferrari in the closing battles of the season.

Notably, Mercedes exhibited significant improvements in pace throughout the season, delivering promising results in the concluding races. However, the ultimate race at Abu Dhabi saw the team fall short of their best performance, ultimately concluding the season with a second-place finish in the constructor’s championship.



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