Heartwarming Gesture: Knicks Star Supports High School Coach

Heartwarming Gesture: Knicks Star Supports High School Coach
Heartwarming Gesture: Knicks Star Supports High School Coach

Mitchell Robinson, the standout center for the New York Knicks, recently revealed a compassionate side that goes beyond his on-court prowess. The focus of this heartwarming story is Robinson’s gesture towards his former high school coach, Butch Stockton of Chalmette High School in Louisiana.

The touching incident unfolded during the Knicks’ 118-112 victory against the Pistons. Coach Butch Stockton shared details of Robinson’s support during a challenging time, revealing the depth of their bond.

Support Amidst Grief

Coach Butch’s wife, Dawn, succumbed to metastatic cancer in September. Robinson’s empathetic act included visiting Dawn in the hospital before her passing, showcasing the deep bond formed during their time together at Chalmette High School.

“Coach, no reason to stay down here in Louisiana. You come to New York with me and enjoy yourself and get your mind back straight because you know how much you loved your wife,” Robinson told Coach Butch.

Responding to inquiries about keeping the gesture private, Robinson took to Twitter, explaining that his intention was not to seek attention but rather to express genuine concern and love.

Knicks’ Season Triumphs

The New York Knicks currently hold the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference standings, boasting a commendable 12-7 record. Their recent success includes a triumphant streak of three consecutive victories, with the latest being a 106-119 win at the Scotiabank Arena, the home of the Toronto Raptors.

  • Triumphant victories against the Hornets, Pistons, and Raptors
  • Impressive offensive rebounding by Robinson with 10, 9, and 5 rebounds in the last three games

With an impressive season average of 6.2 points and 10.7 rebounds, Mitchell Robinson and the Knicks are eager to extend their winning streak as they head to the Fiserv Forum for the quarterfinals of the NBA In-Season Tournament, facing the Milwaukee Bucks.



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