Aston Martin’s Reflection on F1 2023 Season

Aston Martin's Reflection on F1 2023 Season
Aston Martin's Reflection on F1 2023 Season

In a candid assessment of Aston Martin’s performance during the 2023 Formula 1 season, Team Principal Mike Krack has described the team as being ‘brutally’ honest with themselves following their loss to McLaren in the constructor’s championship race.

Despite conceding the coveted 4th spot to McLaren, Krack refrained from expressing satisfaction with the team’s overall performance, acknowledging the tumultuous journey experienced by the Silverstone-based outfit throughout the season.From a promising start to the season, Aston Martin’s fortunes took a downturn, losing momentum and ultimately surrendering their position to McLaren. Mike Krack, providing insights into the team’s predicament, remained steadfast in his support for the team.

Analysing the Season and Maintaining Realism

The team principal emphasized the need for a realistic evaluation of their initial success, stating, “It’s not a disappointment because you need to be realistic about where you are.” Krack urged the team to scrutinize the season, learn from mistakes, and identify the factors contributing to their early success.

“If you really analyze that and be realistic about where you are, then you cannot be disappointed,” Krack asserted.

Addressing the unexpected decline in the team’s form, Krack acknowledged the surprise felt by everyone in the team. He attributed the challenges to the improving performance of rival teams and underscored the team’s inability to control external factors.

“We were surprised – and I think everybody was surprised – that some teams were not coming out of the starting blocks as we have expected.”

“From that point of view, I think it would be wrong to say that this part is a disappointment.”

Commitment to Future Improvement

Despite acknowledging the team’s decline, the 51-year-old team principal openly addressed issues related to the lack of development in the AMR23, particularly after the mid-season break. Krack called for a concerted effort to rectify these issues, emphasizing the team’s commitment to future success.

“The team needs to work on the issues that arose during the season and fix them if we want to become stronger than our competitors,” Krack insisted.

Reiterating his lack of disappointment, Krack acknowledged Aston Martin’s strong start to the season, showcasing their potential despite challenges. With an eye on the future, the team aims to secure better results in the upcoming season.

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