Who did Texas lose to in 2023? The Playoff Picture!

Who did Texas lose to in 2023
Who did Texas lose to in 2023

In an exciting game on Saturday, the Texas Longhorns clinched a big win over Oklahoma State, boosting their record to 12–1 and securing a conference title. Now, they’re crossing their fingers for a chance at the College Football Playoff (CFP), but it’s not entirely in their hands. Let’s break down what’s going on.

The Playoff Picture:

Even with their awesome win, the Longhorns don’t get to decide if they make it to the Playoff. Right now, No. 3 Washington looks like a sure thing with a perfect 13–0 record. But there are still three more Playoff spots up for grabs, and it’s a bit of a puzzle with teams in the ACC, Big Ten, and SEC championships fighting for those spots. No. 6 Ohio State is also waiting for their shot.

Who did Texas lose to in 2023?

Texas did not loose any of the match in 2023, till now the team is unbeaten. Also texas is leading in the current ongoing match between Texas & Oklahoma on Sunday.

Who did Texas lose to in 2023
Who did Texas lose to in 2023

Cheering for the Underdogs:

For Texas fans, the plan is to root for the teams that aren’t expected to win in the other conference title games. It’s a bit like hoping for surprises to help Texas get into the Playoff. Here’s the game plan:

  1. Alabama’s Second Chance:

Texas fans want No. 8 Alabama to beat No. 1 Georgia in the SEC championship game. Why? Well, Texas already beat Alabama earlier in the season, so if Alabama wins, it makes Texas look even better. But if Georgia loses, it could make things tricky for the committee. They might have to choose between a one-loss Texas team with a huge win over the SEC champ and two SEC teams.


So, as the regular season wraps up and the conference championships unfold, Texas fans are on the edge of their seats. The Longhorns did their part on the field, and now they’re hoping the Playoff committee sees that. With a mix of excitement and nerves, Longhorns fans are waiting to see if their team will get a shot at the big dance in the College Football Playoff. Fingers crossed!


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