Randy Orton Credits Former Partner for Tag Team Success

The accomplished WWE Superstar, Randy Orton, recently shed light on his successful tag team stint alongside the controversially released Matt Riddle. Orton, known as “The Viper,” endured a hiatus of over 500 days due to injury before teaming up with Riddle to form the formidable RK-Bro.

In a candid interview on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Orton acknowledged Riddle’s pivotal role during their partnership. He emphasized that his ability to compete in the ring was largely attributed to Riddle’s willingness to bear the physical demands of the matches until Orton was tagged in.

“Last year, before my departure due to back issues, I was in a tag team with former WWE superstar Matt Riddle. I have to give him credit because during that year, I could not have been in that ring unless I was alongside someone like him. He skillfully absorbed the brunt of the physicality, allowing me to come in and execute my moves,” stated Orton.

Together, Orton and Riddle clinched the Tag Team Championships, attaining significant success until Orton’s unfortunate injury. Subsequently, Riddle faced a release from WWE due to budgetary constraints.

Orton’s Reflections on Working Under McMahon and Triple H

During the interview, Orton extended his appreciation not only to Riddle but also to rising talent Dominik Mysterio. The duo, under Vince McMahon’s leadership, experienced a notable tag team alliance. Orton further delved into his experience working under the guidance of Triple H within the WWE organization.

Randy Orton Acknowledges Seth Rollins for WrestleMania 31 RKO

Randy Orton, renowned for his devastating RKO move in professional wrestling, recently discussed one of the most iconic moments in his career on the Impaulsive podcast. He praised Seth Rollins for their WrestleMania 31 encounter, highlighting Rollins’ crucial role in executing the move.

“All credit goes to Rollins for providing me with the hangtime needed to execute the move. While I take credit for the timing, Seth played a crucial part by running towards me, redirecting, going straight off the back, and creating enough hangtime for a seamless execution,” explained Orton.

Orton emphasized the precision required for such maneuvers, expressing gratitude to Rollins for the flawless execution. He acknowledged that even a slight timing discrepancy could have jeopardized the move. Despite his reputation for delivering spectacular RKOs, Orton humbly attributes his success to the collaboration with his opponents.

Notably, The Apex Predator continued to showcase his prowess with a remarkable RKO in the WarGames match against JD McDonagh this year.

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