Gervonta Davis Fires Back at Devin Haney in Intense Verbal Spat

Gervonta Davis Fires Back at Devin Haney in Intense Verbal Spat
Gervonta Davis Fires Back at Devin Haney in Intense Verbal Spat

In a fiery exchange between boxing rivals, Gervonta Davis has taken the verbal jousting to new heights by involving family sentiments, specifically targeting Devin Haney’s father. The intense feud unfolded on social media with a now-deleted tweet from Davis, wherein he not only responded to Haney’s provocations but also issued a chilling threat.

Haney’s Triumph and Call-Out

Devin Haney, fresh off his impressive victory over Regis Prograis for the WBC super-lightweight championship, wasted no time in setting his sights on Gervonta Davis. Having conquered the lightweight division, Haney expressed his eagerness to face Davis in a mega-fight at 140 pounds, emphasizing his newfound strength at the weight class.

Unfazed by Davis’ lightweight title in the WBA, Haney called out his rival, accusing him of reluctance to step into the ring. This led to a heated exchange, culminating in Davis’ ominous proclamation, “I promise you. Your father gonna cry for what ima do to you and that’s on my dead homie. Ya best bet is to enjoy it while you can.”

Deleted Tweets and Social Media Sparring

Despite the intensity of the exchange, Davis later deleted his tweet, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing feud. Haney, however, responded with a straightforward, “Let’s make it happen.




I’m free,” indicating his willingness to back up his words inside the ring. Davis’ subsequent cryptic reply, ‘say nothing,’ left fans speculating about the potential for an actual showdown.

Fans Anticipate Mega-Fight

As the social media spat unfolded, fans expressed their enthusiasm for a potential mega-fight between the undefeated Davis and Haney. Given their unbeaten records and rising status in the boxing world, supporters foresee a clash that could echo the golden age of the sport. Despite the online banter having persisted for years without materializing into a real bout, the excitement among fans remains palpable.

Followers took to social media to share their reactions, with some questioning Davis’ decision to delete his tweet, while others discussed the significance of the proposed mega-fight for the contemporary boxing scene. The ongoing verbal duel between Davis and Haney continues to captivate the boxing community, leaving fans eager for a potential showdown in the ring.



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