Peter Grant Casts Doubt on Celtic’s January Striker Signing

Peter Grant Casts Doubt on Celtic's January Striker Signing
Peter Grant Casts Doubt on Celtic's January Striker Signing

Amidst speculation about Celtic’s potential move for Aberdeen’s Bojan Miovski in the upcoming January transfer window, assistant manager Peter Grant has expressed skepticism regarding the feasibility of the deal. In an interview with Go Radio, Grant highlighted the challenges of conducting transfer business mid-season, especially for a player of Miovski’s caliber, who boasts an impressive 12 goals in all competitions this season.

Despite recent setbacks in the Scottish Premiership, with back-to-back defeats, Celtic faces additional concerns with the possible departure of striker duo Kyogo Furuhashi and Hyeongyu Oh to participate in the Asian Cup games in January. The absence of these key players has intensified discussions about the need for Celtic to secure another striker during the transfer window.

“It’s not easy doing transfer business during the middle of the campaign, especially for a player who is probably Aberdeen’s best and most important player on paper – he has 12 goals in all competitions this season.”

Peter Grant remarked.

Grant acknowledged the interest from Celtic’s side but emphasized the challenges associated with bringing in new players and creating space in the squad, considering the existing striking options. Furuhashi remains Celtic’s primary number nine, with Oh as the backup, attempting to fill the void left by Giorgos Giakoumakis.

“I know we will need a striker if the boys go away to the Asia Cup, so they do need a striker. You have to say to yourself, is this the challenge we are putting down? Is it a top-line striker who needs to challenge Kyogo and Oh?”

“Then when they come back, it’s three people fighting for one position. We know that’s what happened with Giakoumakis, that’s why the dummy came out, and he wanted to leave quickly.”

Grant elaborated.

Celtic’s Imperative for January Reinforcements

As the January transfer window approaches, there is a growing sense that Celtic, currently facing fan dissatisfaction and managerial demands for proven talents, must take decisive action. Grant acknowledges the difficulty of the window but emphasizes the need for strategic moves to address the team’s concerns.

“I don’t know, this window is difficult for anyone to move. Celtic are talking about getting people out first.”

Grant commented on the challenges of signing Miovski.

Despite recent challenges, Celtic still holds the title in their hands. The upcoming weeks will be crucial, with the imperative to secure victories, including a pivotal match against Rangers on December 30, to ensure the team enters the New Year at the top of the table.




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