Fernando Alonso’s Positive Outlook for Aston Martin’s Future

Fernando Alonso's Positive Outlook for Aston Martin's Future
Fernando Alonso's Positive Outlook for Aston Martin's Future

In a stellar performance during the 2023 season, Fernando Alonso secured an impressive 206 points, marking his highest championship finish since 2013. The seasoned driver showcased exceptional skills in his inaugural year with the Aston Martin team, clinching eight podiums and securing a commendable fourth place in the overall standings.

Despite a late-season dip that prevented the Silverstone-based team from maintaining a dominant position, Alonso remains optimistic about Aston Martin’s prospects in 2024. The accomplished driver believes that his increased familiarity with the team will eliminate the need for extensive adjustments, providing a more stable foundation for success.

“This being my second year with the team will help. I don’t need to do many of the things I had to do earlier this year: I don’t need to put names to all faces, I don’t need to make seat adjustments, learn the terminology, and make all the other adaptations,”

Fernando Alonso stated.

Team Dynamics and Future Prospects

Amid Alonso’s impressive performance, team principal Mike Krack expressed enthusiasm about retaining the two-time World Champion beyond 2024. Krack highlighted the current positive dynamics within the team, suggesting a potential long-term collaboration.

“If we maintain the dynamics and the collaboration that we have now, we can go on forever,”

Mike Krack remarked.

Alonso’s partnership with teammate Lance Stroll, son of team owner Lawrence Stroll, has been remarkably smooth. Despite a notable incident in the previous year when Alonso was involved in an airborne incident with the Canadian driver, the 42-year-old driver expressed satisfaction with Stroll’s performance throughout the 2023 season.

Fernando Alonso’s achievement of outperforming his teammate in his debut year with Aston Martin follows in the footsteps of multiple champion Sebastian Vettel, who achieved a similar feat in 2021 and 2022, securing a podium finish as well.




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