Nina Obrien Crash Video & Injury Update!

Nina O’Brien of the United States fell heavily shortly before the finish line in the giant slalom yesterday at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. She lost control after hitting the last gate, sending her crashing across the finish line.

As O’Brien lay unmoving, her opponents stood and stared in disbelief. O’Brien was carried away on a stretcher, and it’s believed she sustained a serious leg injury.

Nina Obrien Ski Crash

To the delight of her competitors, O’Brien’s second run at the 2022 Olympics ended when she fell at the finish line. After clipping one of the final two gates and sending her skis and poles flying, O’Brien lost control. She was stretchered off when her right leg twisted awkwardly during the incident, and it’s believed she sustained a major leg injury.

Her opponents buried their heads in their hands in amazement and anxiety as O’Brien lay motionless with her bottom half. O’Brien, 24, was “awake and receptive,” according to a US ski team official.

Nina O’Brien Crash Video

The group stated, “She is really tough and was calm.” “She’s a warrior,” says the narrator. She was concerned that she might cause the race to be delayed. She was also curious as to how quickly she was skiing.”

After Mikaela Shiffrin, who skied off course and was disqualified from the race, O’Brien was considered the Americans’ second-best skier in the giant slalom.

Nina O’Brien Crash Injury Update

After crashing before the finish line in the women’s giant slalom at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, USA racer Nina O’Brien suffers a horrific leg injury and is stretchered off the slopes.

The Olympian from San Francisco was on her way to the finish line when she was involved in a car accident that left her leg twisted.

The staff treated O’Brien’s injuries on the snow for around 10 minutes before transporting her off the course in a sled-style stretcher.

After clipping one of the gates, the Team USA skier lost her balance, breaking her skis before her right leg buckled forcefully beneath her own shifting gravity in gruesome-looking sequences.

As she skidded through the finish line at tremendous speed, her skis and poles flew.

The US Ski & Snowboard Team stated O’Brien is currently stable following the incident on Monday morning, tweeting: “Nina O’Brien crashed into the finish but she is conscious and responding.”

The skier was ‘calm,’ ‘worried about delaying the race,’ and ‘wanted to know how fast she was skiing,’ according to a spokeswoman.


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