Graham Fach Bowler: Age, Wife, Partner, Net Worth Explored!

Graham Fach Bowler: Age, Wife, Net Worth Explored!
Graham Fach Bowler: Age, Wife, Net Worth Explored!

Graham Fach Bowler Age, Height, Weight, Wikipedia, Wife, Net Worth, and many other facts are explored about him.

Graham Fach, a 30-year-old Canadian, is presently competing in match play at the PBA Regional Player Invitational.

Who is Graham Fach, according to the PBA?

Graham Fach is a well-known bowler in Canada’s sporting scene. He became the first Canadian to win a title on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour.

Fach has won multiple tournaments as a professional bowler. He previously won the Barbasol Players Championship (2016) at Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl, defeating top qualifier Ryan Ciminelli 29-244.

Graham Fach Age – How Old Is He?

Graham Fach, a bowler from Urbana, Ohio, is now 30 years old. His exact birth date, on the other hand, has remained a mystery.

Graham Fach’s early life, parents, and siblings are still unknown due to the lack of a Wikipedia page.

After beating Patrick Dombrowski, Graham Fach was named the No. 1 player in the PBA Regional Players Invitational. While bowling at the South Point Bowling Plaza, the athlete seized the lead in 16 bouts.

We have no doubt that Las Vegas would erupt in joy at the prospect of his triumph.

Graham Fach is the East Region Winner of the PBA Players Championship!

What Is Graham Fach’s Age And Who Is He According To Wikipedia?

Graham Fach, a professional bowler, is 30 years old. He grew up in Urbana, Ohio, and is five feet ten inches tall.

He was a huge fan of the sport when he was little. He went to Urbana University to bowl for four years after finishing his secondary studies.

Prior to becoming pro, he was a member of the All-American team and was named the Intercollegiate Team Championships MVP runner-up.

Is there a wife or a partner for bowler Graham Fach?

Graham Fach’s love life is shrouded in mystery. Even though he is on social media, he does not share anything about his personal life.

Given his age of 30, he may have been involved in a few relationships but has kept quiet about them. His active training routine is a tribute to his dedication, as he could not have gotten to where he is without sacrificing aspects of his life.

Furthermore, given his rapid advancement in the ranks, it would be surprising if he had time to date.

What Is Graham Fach’s Net Worth?

Graham Fach’s net worth is currently being calculated as of 2022. Working as a professional bowler is his source of income.

When he turned professional in 2016, he began his career. He’s been to a total of 129 events since then.

In fact, when he participated in the Barbasool PBA Players Championship in Columbus in 2016, he won his first major championship. He then demonstrated his value by being the first Canadian to win a title on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour.

Most people are unaware that he is a member of Team Canada and was a Central Regional Player in 2018.

Is Graham Fach active on social media?

Graham Fach may be found on Instagram under the username thebowlinglefty. He has a total of 552 followers on this platform. His fan count indicates that not many people are aware of his abilities. We are confident that when he rises to the pinnacle of celebrity, he will get an influx of well-wishers.

He takes his job seriously, as seen by the fact that he seldom uploads anything other than his scoreboards.

Furthermore, the sport has a central position in his life, with everything else fading into the background.


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