Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Calls for a Test of Loyalty for CM Punk

CM Punk’s unexpected return to the WWE at Survivor Series sent shockwaves through the wrestling world, especially after his recent signing with AEW. The former WWE Champion made a triumphant comeback to the company, surprising fans after nearly a decade-long absence. Despite this, the WWE has yet to unveil any concrete plans for the “Best in the World.” Recently, Bobby Lashley, another former WWE Champion, shared his perspective on Punk’s return.


Lashley’s Perspective on CM Punk’s Return

In an exclusive interview with, known as “The Almighty” in the wrestling circuit, Lashley expressed his initial unawareness of CM Punk’s impending return. Reflecting on the backstage reactions to Punk’s arrival, Lashley subtly suggested that the WWE should require Punk to earn his significant opportunities, subtly alluding to Cody Rhodes’ notable 2023 victory.

“I understand he (CM Punk) has a big name, he’s coming back. And he’s gonna do some big numbers, but I hope they (WWE) make him kind of work for some of the stuff. I hope he’s not one of the people that ‘oh okay, he comes back, gonna win the Rumble, we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do that.'”

Bobby Lashley emphasized the importance of equal opportunities in the locker room, advocating that everyone, regardless of their past accomplishments, should prove their worth. This sentiment challenges the common practice of WWE granting exclusive contracts and numerous opportunities to returning legends.

CM Punk’s Potential Involvement in Royal Rumble

Rumors circulating backstage hint at CM Punk’s potential participation in the Royal Rumble, indicating a clear trajectory for the “Best in the World.” While WWE has a history of bringing back legends on exclusive contracts, Bobby Lashley’s call for equality suggests a different approach for Punk.

Update: Recent developments indicate that CM Punk may soon sign an exclusive contract with Monday Night Raw. Following Adam Pearce’s unsuccessful attempt to secure Randy Orton for the red brand, all eyes are on Punk.

Monday Night Raw’s Pursuit of CM Punk

During a recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Adam Pearce engaged in discussions with Seth Rollins regarding the prospect of bringing CM Punk to the red brand. However, Rollins exhibited disinterest, offering negative remarks on Punk’s potential arrival.

The Raw roster already boasts notable superstars like Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Jey Uso, and more. CM Punk’s addition to the red brand would undoubtedly elevate the competition, providing a parallel to the star-studded Friday Night SmackDown.

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