EA FC 24 Holiday Update: Gameplay Tweaks, Player Adjustments, and More

EA FC 24 Holiday Update
EA FC 24 Holiday Update

As the year draws to a close, EA FC 24, the revamped football gaming sensation, unveils its latest seasonal update, marking its sixth Title Update since its release a few months ago. Dedicated to refining the gaming experience, Electronic Arts (EA) has addressed various concerns reported by players, promising a significant overhaul both on and off the virtual pitch.

The Holiday Update introduces a myriad of alterations, ranging from the nuanced refinement of player faces to a complete overhaul of the Sprint Speed System. Notably, issues with goalkeepers’ reactions, a common gripe among players, have been duly addressed. Let’s delve into the substantial modifications brought about by the EA FC 24 Winter Update:

Major Additions in the EA FC 24 Update

The winter update boasts 94 player changes, featuring both new faces and some making a return after a brief stint as free agents following the game’s initial release. Among these notable alterations is the inclusion of Sevilla’s current player, Sergio Ramos. PlayStyles and positioning adjustments accompany many of these changes, with Adama Traore finally gaining the RWB position in his Player Moments variation.

Furthermore, the official EA FC 24 Trello board highlights key changes in the Finesse and Power Header PlayStyles:

  • Reduced midfield congestion.
  • Reduced sideline pressure on attackers.
  • More offensive-minded wingbacks in 3 and 5 at the back formations.

Technical Changes in the Winter Update

Exclusive to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, the Winter Update brings about technical adjustments aimed at enhancing gameplay:

  • More Offensive Minded Wingbacks: Significantly lowered the track back speed of AI teammate wingbacks in 3 and 5 at the back formations.
  • Reduced Midfield Congestion: Strikers and wide midfielders will be less aggressive when marking central attackers in EA FC 24.
  • Reduced Sideline Pressure: Drastically reduced the defensive team’s pressure along the sidelines.
  • Decreased Goalkeeper Movements and Positioning Speed: Goalkeepers move slower when using the Move Goalkeeper input and will now hold their final position briefly before returning to normal.
  • Finesse and Finesse + Playstyles Adjustment: Slightly reduced finesse shot accuracy for players with these playstyles.
  • More Authentic Controlled Sprint: Slightly reduced the top speed of players during Controlled Sprint.
  • Power Header and Power Header + Playstyles: Significant reduction in header shot accuracy for players with these playstyles.

The Winter Update aims to bring order to various aspects, fostering the expectation of a more seamless gaming experience. With altered PlayStyles providing diversity and modified formations enhancing realism, EA FC 24 enthusiasts can anticipate an immersive gaming offense. Stay tuned for the latest updates and more.



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