Did Cody Rhodes Have Neck Surgery? What’s that Neck Scar Revealed!

Did Cody Rhodes Have Neck Surgery? What's that Neck Scar Revealed!
Did Cody Rhodes Have Neck Surgery? What's that Neck Scar Revealed!

Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes, better known by his stage as Cody Rhodes, is a professional wrestler from the United States. He’s also noted for his tenure with All Elite Wrestling, where he was the first and only three-time TNT Champion, as well as an executive vice president.

Did Cody Rhodes Have Neck Surgery?

He did not disclose having a neck injury or having neck surgery in an interview with WWE.com. He characterized his injuries as follows:

“To tell you the truth, the best way I’ve heard the injury characterized is that I escaped with my life. I have a grade two trap tear (on a scale of one to three), but I won’t require surgery since the tears will mend on their own with sufficient physical therapy. The split shoulder is an ancient amateur wrestling injury, and it’s essentially the location where things could have gone much worse. I almost hit my head, but I twisted just in time to crash on my shoulder. The AC joint in the separated shoulder is the source of the most discomfort, although as I previously stated, I escaped surgery.”

Cody Rhodes Neck Scar

Cody has seen his fair share of the red stuff during his time in wrestling, as the son of a wrestler noted for his blading.

Cody competed in a number of live events before making his television debut. In a fight with Daivari on June 30th, 2007 (his birthday, ironically), a well-placed elbow struck between the eyes, striking a blood vessel. Rhodes’ forehead was cable-stitched up once the gushing blood stopped. A stitch once broke out, and “Plasma trickled down my nose in Applebee’s for about 40 minutes,” according to Cody.

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AEW, on the other hand, saw some of Rhodes’ most distinguishing characteristics. Whether it was receiving 10 whips from MJF or having his skull truly blown open by a chair shot from Shawn Spears, he had it all.


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