David Patten Motorcycle Accident, Net Worth, Death Cause

David Patten Motorcycle Accident, Net Worth, Death Cause
David Patten Motorcycle Accident, Net Worth, Death Cause

How did david patton died? Cause Of Death

Former NFL Wide Receiver DavidPatten was found dead on Thursday outside Columbia, South Carolina, in an off-road engine crash, according to Richland County Coroner Naida Rutherford, who won three Super Bowl titles with New England Patriots. He was fourty-seven.

The motorcycle driver, named Patten by the coroner, has crossed the median according to the South Carolina Highway Lance Cpl. Nick Pye, causing an outrage involving two other cars. Also in a hospital with unreleased injuries was one of the drivers in the car. The crash is still being investigated by the road patrol and the coroner.

“The news of David’s passing has broken my heart,” said Robert Kraft in a statement, the owner of the patriots. “He was a devoted Christian who, after his soccer career, followed his passion and established his own ministry. David went to a strong and passionate preacher from a small undersized and understated broad recipient. He is always remembered as a three-time Super Bowl Champion in New England.”

Patten has played for five teams for 12 years in an NFL career but his first victory in the 2001 season in Superbowl is best known for his four seasons with the Patriots (2001–04) including two iconic catches for New England.

David Patten Net Worth At Time Of Death

Full Name:David Patten
Net Worth At Death:$5 Million
Nationality:United States

David Patten from 2021. There was a net worth of $5 million for a top-rising footballer. Most of his people came from salaries and Brand Endorsement organizations. He earned approximately 250,000 dollars a year. He died of a vehicle accident on 2 September 2021.

It is estimated to be around $5 million that we know David Patten’s Net Worth before his death. In 2004, he signed with Washington Redskins a five-year $13 million contract.

David Patten Cause Of Death

Image Source: New Orleans Saints

As per reports, In simple words, his Cause of Death is Motorcycle Accident. Patten has played in the Patriots from 2001-2004 in 54 regular-season games of 44 starts, also in six post-season games in New England with three starts.

In the regular season, he collected 165 passes for 2,513 yards and 16 touchdowns and added 15 receptions for the Patriots in the after season for 174 yards with two touchdowns. In 2004 New England registered 800 receiving yards and seven touchdowns as the best statistical year of its 12 NFL seasons.

Patten received a 91-yard touchdown receiving from Tom Brady at Indianapolis on Oct. 21, 2001, at the end of the Second Longest Pass play in patriotic history.


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