Buddy Boeheim: Punch, Foul, Punch Video, Suspension Video

Jackson Thomas “Buddy” Boeheim is an American college basketball player for the Syracuse Orange of the Atlantic Coast Conference. He is the son of Hall of Fame basketball coach Jim Boeheim.

Buddy Boeheim: Punch, Foul, Punch Video, Suspension Video


Syracuse star Buddy Boeheim was suspended for the Orange’s Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament game against Duke after he punched a Florida State player in the stomach Wednesday during a second-round victory.

The ACC announced a one-game suspension for a “major act” nearly four hours after ninth-seeded Syracuse defeated eighth-seeded Florida State 96-57 on Thursday at Barclays Center to enter the quarterfinals.

Sr., the son of Orange coach Jim Boehm, previously issued a statement admitting he was wrong.


Wake Forest’s Chris Paul hit North Carolina State’s Julius Hodge under his belt during the team’s regular season finale.

No fouls were reported, but Paul was suspended after Wake Forest consulted with the ACC for his first conference tournament game.

Playing for his Hall of Fame coach father, Boehm has become one of the most prolific 3-point shooters in the country. For his career, Boehm averaged 14.6 points per game and made 306 3s.

Punch Video:

Buddy Boeheim: Punch, Foul, Punch Video, Suspension Video

Jim Boehm, when asked about this, dismissed the idea of ​​possibly suspending his son.

He added that a major 1 foul could have been called on Buddy Boehm if officials had heeded the play. The coach admitted that Buddy Boehm had retaliated for pushing.

Buddy Boehm has been suspended by the ACC for one game. In addition, Syracuse coach Jim Boehm said after the game that the punch was “unintentional” and Buddy Boehm issued an apology.

Suspension Video:

Syracuse guard Buddy Boehm punches Florida State guard Wyatt Wilkes’ midsection in the first half of Wednesday’s second-round ACC tournament game.

Syracuse took a 25-17 lead when Joe Girard connected on a transition 3-pointer with 10 minutes and 17 seconds in the first half. Wilkes appeared to be boxing Boehm, but Syracuse Sr. struck Wilkes in the stomach after the ball passed through the net.

No foul was called by the officials, but Wilkes was in pain for a few minutes and was ruled out of the game. He returned with 3 minutes 38 seconds remaining in the half. Wilkes scored two points in his time on the floor.

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