Bryan Ruby: Gay, Partner, Stats, Wikipedia, More

According to USA Today’s Scott Gleeson, Ruby is now the only active professional baseball player who has officially declared his sexual orientation. Ruby told Gleeson in an exclusive interview.

Bryan Ruby, a minor league journeyman baseball player with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes who plays first base and third base, has become the only homosexual professional baseball player currently active.

Bryan Ruby: Gay

Bryan Ruby of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes recently came out as homosexual in a groundbreaking interview, becoming the first active professional baseball player to do so. He also performs as a country musician.

Ruby said that he isn’t a “hot-shot prospect” for the Volcanoes, a minor league team situated in Keizer, Oregon. However, he wanted to come out in order to make it simpler for future professional sportsmen.

Bryan Ruby: Partner

Bryan Ruby wants to see baseball become a more inclusive and honest place, so he’s sharing his storey to help make that happen.

Ruby is the latest professional male athlete to open up about being homosexual in an interview with USA Today Sports’ Scott Gleeson this summer. According to USA Today, he is the only publicly out active professional baseball player at any level.

Bryan Ruby: Stats

Ruby revealed his sexual orientation to his close family and friends four years ago, and then to his teammates this summer.

As a result, Ruby’s decision to reveal his sexuality to the world was the final step in his quest to live as his true self in public.

Bryan Ruby: Wikipedia &More

Billy Bean is Brian Ruby’s teacher and he is a competitor.

He dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player since he was a child, and he found a method to make his dreams come true. The Volcano contender from Salem-Keiser is an infielder.

He’s the centre of attention after demonstrating his genuine essence recently, such as becoming the only dynamic baseball player to be seen in broad daylight.


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