Angel Hernandez: Phillies Brewers, Facing Criticism, Retiring, Worst Empire?

Angel Hernandez is a Cuban umpire in Major League Baseball. He worked in the National League from 1991 to 1999, and has worked throughout MLB since 2000.

Angel Hernandez: Phillies Brewers, Facing Criticism, Retiring, Worst Empire?

Phillies Brewers:

The 60-year-old missed 19 calls, including calling a strike for a pitch that missed the the box by a season-high 6.47 inches.

According to Umpire Auditor, Hernandez’s correct percentage stood at a measly 85.3 percent.

Phillies fans left the stadium very upset, when Hernandez drives his car a man approached him and shouted: “You stink, I don’t like you”. To which the umpire responded with a smile and left.

Facing Criticism:

Being an umpire in MLB is tough. No one argues that, but Angel Hernandez’s performance in recent years is a particular form of outrage.

In a recent matchup between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Philadelphia Phillies, Kyle Schwarber’s emotions exploded as a result of the infamous ump’s horrific outing.

The video went viral, and the name Angel Hernandez started trending for all the wrong reasons.


Angel Hernandez: Phillies Brewers, Facing Criticism, Retiring, Worst Empire?

Well, it’s a matter of time: Joe West retires after 45 years as an MLB umpire. West has been announcing his intended retirement for months now, making it clear that 2021 was his last season – but not before he nearly ruined the Red Sox’s season after another botched call.

West made his final appearance during the NL Wild Card Series, which resulted in a social media storm with West kicking out of the game.

Being an umpire in the MLB is difficult. Nobody argues that, but the performances of Angel Hernandez in recent years is a special form of atrocious.

Worst Upmire:

Outfielder Kyle Schwarber slammed his bat and helmet on the ground and yelled at umpire Angel Hernandez, resulting in a swift exit in the ninth inning of the Philadelphia Phillies’ loss to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Schwarber, who was dismissed at-bat, went 1-0 up at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia at 1 for 4 on Sunday.

He told reporters in his postgame media availability that the emotional outburst was in support of his teammates, who were on the wrong end of the call.

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