3 Best Snooker Players From Northern Ireland

3 Best Snooker Players From Northern Ireland
3 Best Snooker Players From Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, with a population of fewer than two million people, is a small country on a global scale. However, some Titanic players were born in the smallest part of the United Kingdom.

Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell, and Darren Clarke, Manchester United great and Ballon d’Or winner George Best, major-winning golfers such as Carl Frampton, two-weight world champion boxer, possibly the best National Hunt jockey of all time, Sir Anthony McCoy, and many, many others.

3 Best Snooker Players From Northern Ireland

Ulster has produced a number of top snooker players, and with the UK Championship presently taking place in York—a tournament that is sure to generate a lot of interest in the snooker betting markets—now seems like a good moment to take a look. Some of Northern Ireland’s top potters. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Alex Higgins

Many think that the explosive and unpredictable Alex Higgins—also known as the ‘People’s Champion’—helped snooker reach a wider following, and it’s safe to say that he was the staple. One of the males was one of the men.

In the 1980s, the sport reached its pinnacle of popularity. ‘The Hurricane,’ on the other hand, was a maestro of the green.

He made it to the World Championship finals four times, winning the first time and then reclaiming the trophy in his fourth attempt in 1982, while also finishing second in the UK Championship, Grand Prix, and British Open. Higgins also won 24 non-ranking titles, including the Masters, during his career.

2. Denise Taylor

Most notable for defeating Steve Davis in the 1985 World Snooker Championship final, which remains one of the most famous matches in the game’s rich history. In the main match, the County Tyrone native was down 8-0, but he fought back admirably.

After five minutes and countless tosses and fros, it came down to a nail-biting black ball struggle, which we’re sure you’ve all seen before, with Taylor eventually throwing up black to win 18-17. registered.

The former world No. 2 won the 1984 Grand Prix and 17 non-ranking titles, including the 1987 Masters, which he won over Higgins. Taylor, who is known for his large glasses, is currently the voice of snooker, commentating on all of the major events.

3. Mark Allen

Mark Allen, who calls himself “the best snooker player from Northern Ireland,” made the audacious assertion ahead of the Masters’ 2019 renewal. Despite the fact that the contentious County Antrim man does not have as many titles as his predecessors, he does have more ranking titles (six).

In 2012, he won his first ranking event, the World Open, and his first Triple Crown event, the Masters, in 2018. Allen overcame a variety of personal challenges to win the Northern Ireland Open in October, a competition he backed with winning snooker betting recommendations because it was held on home turf at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Due to off-the-table troubles, the 35-year-career old’s is on the line, but he is back at the UK Championships.


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