2026 Commonwealth Games Host & Venue

2026 Commonwealth Games Host & Venue
2026 Commonwealth Games Host & Venue

The 2026 Commonwealth Games, also known as the XXIII Commonwealth Games, is a multi-sport event for Commonwealth members that will be held in a city chosen by the Commonwealth Games Federation (GCF).

2026 Commonwealth Games Venue

The Victorian government confirmed an approach from a desperate Commonwealth Games Federation facing the embarrassment of no other city in its community of more than 50 nations prepared to bid for host-city status.

Following a request from the CGF, a senior Victorian government official disclosed that feasibility studies are underway to see if the state can justify hosting the event, with a focus on remote centers.

Because Melbourne is the only city interested and the Games are only four years away, the state government can set its own terms, such as housing the 5000 competing athletes in current hotels rather than building new ones.

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