Is Venus Williams A Virgin? Lesbian, Gay, Or What?

Is Venus Williams A Virgin? Lesbian, Gay, Or What?
Is Venus Williams A Virgin? Lesbian, Gay, Or What?

Is Venus Williams A Virgin?

In today’s culture, where people enter partnerships as early as their teens, virginity at 40 is unthinkable. However, there are a few individuals who appear to have deviated from the norm. Venus William, a seven-time grand slam winner, is one of these deserving women, proving that being a virgin even at 40 is achievable.

The 40-year-old tennis player is still a virgin, according to an inside source, and you may be asking how that is possible. It’s all based on faith and religion, after all. Venus Williams has remained true to her rigorous Jehovah’s Witness upbringing, which forbids sex before marriage.

Because not all women in Jehovah’s Witnesses follow the requirement, Venus Williams is an outlier. Unlike Venus, Serena, Venus’ sister, disobeyed the sex-before-marriage ban. Serena had a number of romances before settling down and giving birth to her daughter.

That means Venus had to be disciplined since she was a youngster, according to what she had been taught. But, in the long run, what benefit has it brought her? Yes, in terms of status, because she’s one of the few women who’ve shown that being a virgin at 40 is achievable. She should, however, have married before her sister, especially since she devoted herself to her husband, unlike her sister, who had many relationships prior to marriage.

“It’s funny because Venus determined as a child that she would not have sex until she found her spouse, but Serena did not. “However, Serena is married, whilst Venus is still hunting for a husband,” the source revealed.

Venus is now dating, according to the source, and her family is hoping that this time it will end in marriage. They’ll all be overjoyed when she eventually marries her dream guy, if she had one in mind at all.

Serena Williams was recently offered acres of marijuana by a Jamaican man if she would divorce her husband and marry him. If Serena doesn’t accept the Jamaican’s offer, she might as well extend it to Venus Williams. Though opinions and preferences differ, it suits Venus better than Serena. Venus may not find him to be a suitable husband.

Is Venus Williams a homosexual?

Do you want to know if Venus Williams is gay? Then read on to learn more about Venus Williams in this post. Venus Williams isn’t a homosexual.

Venus Williams Husband

Venus Williams was rumored to have been dating Nicholas Hammond. Nicholas Hammond, sometimes known as Nikki Hammond, is a successful businessman. In the year 2017, Venus Williams and Nicky Hammond began dating. Serena Williams’ wedding to Alexis Ohanian was attended by the lovely pair. Despite the fact that several prominent celebs were present during Serena’s wedding, the pair did not receive much media attention. Nikki was also seen cheering for Venus and motivating her during her matches from the stands.

But, after two years, they decided to call it quits due to a disparity in commitment levels between the two stars. While some stories said that Venus was yearning for a family, others argue that this was not a credible cause for the tennis star’s separation.

In the year 2012, Venus crossed paths with a Cuban model. They were both head over heels in love. Venus also said in an interview that she couldn’t concentrate during her matches because Elio was there to cheer her up and she couldn’t think about the game much. Elio also served as a model for EleVen, Elio’s firm.

But, in 2017, their relationship came to an end as well. They had been dating for five years before ultimately breaking up.

Venus and Her Children?

According to rumors, Venus does not have any children, but she hopes to do so in the near future. She is presently spending time with Olympia Ohanian Jr, her sister Serena Williams’s daughter.


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