Zak Brown Ready to Back Andretti-Cadillac Bid if “Additive” to F1

Renowned McLaren CEO, Zak Brown, has expressed his readiness to support Michael Andretti’s ambitious F1 project under the Andretti-Cadillac banner, provided it proves to be a valuable addition to the Formula 1 landscape.

Despite facing considerable criticism from within the F1 paddock, including dissent from current team bosses, Brown stands firmly behind the all-American bid. However, the seasoned executive has outlined specific conditions that must be met for his endorsement.

Brown emphasized the manifold advantages of introducing an eleventh team to the Formula 1 grid. Foremost among these benefits, he highlighted the potential for a significant uptick in fan engagement and overall revenue for the sport. This, he believes, would lead to a larger revenue pie, benefiting all teams through increased sponsorship opportunities and enhanced exposure.

The Pros According to Zak Brown:

  • Expanded fan base
  • Increased television revenue
  • Greater exposure in specific markets for attracting sponsors
  • Heightened excitement on the racetrack

However, Brown acknowledged the inherent risk that Andretti-Cadillac’s entry may fail to contribute to this envisioned growth, leaving existing teams concerned about potential revenue losses with the introduction of another competitor.

“The downside is if the pie doesn’t get larger, and then you’re just divvying up the same-sized pie, and that’s where I think the majority of the teams are.”

Nevertheless, Brown affirmed his support, emphasizing that he backs Andretti-Cadillac as long as it enhances the sport and overall revenue for existing teams. He expressed a preference for a smaller share of a much larger revenue pool over a larger share of a smaller pool.

“My view is as long as it’s additive to the sport – brings in more fans, brings in more revenue, brings in better television contracts, whatever that may be – if it makes the pie larger I’d rather have one 11th of a pie that’s 1,000 times than one tenth of one that’s 100 times.”

Zak Brown Reveals Lack of Details on Andretti Cadillac’s Bid Among F1 Teams

Furthermore, Brown highlighted the prevailing lack of information among F1 teams regarding the specifics of Michael Andretti’s bid. He pointed out that the opinions expressed by team bosses and critics are based on assumptions rather than concrete details.

“I think everyone has an opinion, but not anyone is that educated on actually what the proposition is.”

Brown clarified that the ultimate decision on Andretti-Cadillac rests with F1 and the FIA. He expressed hope that the decision would add value to the sport and contribute to its growth in the forthcoming years. Currently, Michael Andretti’s proposal is undergoing discussions with Formula 1 regarding the commercial agreement required for entry into the sport.

It is anticipated that Andretti-Cadillac’s inclusion would bring additional revenue to the sport, potentially introducing an American driver from IndyCar to Formula 1. Such a move could significantly expand viewership, especially in the United States, a pivotal market for the pinnacle of motorsport. However, the approval of Michael Andretti’s team competing in F1 remains uncertain.

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