Why is Coach Ed Orgeron Leaving lSU? Retiring, Girlfriends, Leaving, Why Fired

Why is Coach Ed Orgeron Leaving lSU? Retiring, Girlfriends, Leaving, Why Fired
Why is Coach Ed Orgeron Leaving lSU? Retiring, Girlfriends, Leaving, Why Fired

Even a win over No. 20 Florida would not be enough to retain Ed Orgeron’s job. According to a story from Sports Illustrated’s Ross Dellenger — which was later verified by LSU — the Tigers’ sixth-year coach has negotiated a separation agreement with the university, ending his employment just two seasons after going 15-0 with one of the best college football teams of all time.

After a 4-3 start to the season, Orgeron will be retained as the team’s coach through 2021. The move makes sense, as it gives the team some stability while the school conducts what will almost certainly be a high-profile coaching search.

Why is Coach Ed Orgeron Leaving lSU? Is He Retiring Or Fired?

According to Dellenger, the deal derives from Orgeron and the administration’s strained relationship, which includes “public and private actions,” “distrust,” and “outbursts.” Orgeron has a 49-17 record at LSU but has gone 9-8 since winning the championship.

Because Orgeron is only two calendar years removed from his team’s national championship season in 2019, the departure is rather shocking. There is, however, a history of coaches leaving their teams after winning championships: Gene Chizik, the former Auburn coach, was fired after a 3-9 season in 2012, two years after leading the Tigers to a BCS championship.

Regardless, rumors indicate that the move isn’t one-sided and that Orgeron and LSU reached an arrangement prior to Saturday’s game against Florida. With that, Sporting News deconstructs Orgeron’s departure from the Tigers, where they go from here, and what his contract means:

Why was Ed Orgeron fired from LSU?

Orgeron has not been officially sacked by LSU. Separation has been agreed upon by the two parties. That agreement, however, did not come out of anywhere: LSU finished the COVID-19 pandemic with a poor 5-5 record after winning the national title in 2019.

The Tigers haven’t fared much better in 2021, going 3-3 before beating the Gators in Baton Rouge in an upset triumph. It was assumed at the time that this would allow Orgeron to stay his job for at least another week, but Sunday’s announcement contradicts this idea. Since the beginning of the year, the Tigers have gone 9-8.

Ed Orgeron Letter

In a statement, Orgeron seemed to accept that he had fallen short of expectations:

According to Dellenger, the deal derives from Orgeron and the administration’s strained relationship, which includes “public and private actions,” “distrust,” and “outbursts.”

Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports provided some context on the matter, reporting that coaches and players were no longer willing to follow Orgeron’s lead:

The Athletic conducted an in-depth study into the situation at LSU, reporting that a slew of factors led to the school’s decision to fire Orgeron. Orgeron “lost track of who he was” after his team’s 2019 championship season, according to a person close to the matter.

After divorcing his wife Kelly, with whom he had been married for 23 years, he reportedly became a distraction. Photos of Orgeron in bed with a lady, for example, went viral in 2020; according to The Athletic, there were no moral problems to his single lifestyle, though it did interfere with his game preparation.

According to The Athletic, Orgeron also made sexual approaches on a woman at a petrol station, who later informed him that she was married and expecting a child. “Why does it matter?” he asked. The woman eventually married a high-ranking LSU official.

A high-profile Title IX inquiry into the LSU team, in which Orgeron was purportedly informed of former running back Derrius Guice sexually abusing a 74-year-old lady and did nothing, also contributed to the decision. Orgeron’s support for former President Donald Trump, whom his Black teammates believed held racist ideals and theories, led to his dismissal from the team. Prior to the start of the 2020 season, his lack of support for player demonstrations against racial inequity and injustice did the same.


Bailie Lauderdale is best known for being the girlfriend of Ed Orgeron, a former football player. Lauderdale is a model and entrepreneur who just deactivated her social media accounts after the couple’s photo was exposed on the internet.

Bailie appears to be a private person who does not like to reveal her personal information on social networking sites since that time.

Ed Orgeron hasn’t said much about his current partner in public or in the media thus far. As a result, we are unable to obtain personal information on Bailie Lauderdale at this time.

A series of images of Ed Orgeron and a considerably younger female on a bed were leaked in 2020. The photographs went viral on the internet and sparked a firestorm of debate. The image went viral, with the female being identified as Ed’s girlfriend. Bailie Lauderdale is her name.

She is 28 years old, significantly younger than Ed, who is 60 years old. The public isn’t aware of any more data about her profession.

After the photos leaked on numerous social media platforms, Lauderdale found himself in the spotlight. Ed Oregon’s girlfriend is now well-known.

Ed was widely chastised for the sleep images, which were taken shortly after his divorce from his second wife, Kelly Orgeron.

After 23 years of marriage, the couple divorced. Last year, Ed was the one who filed for divorce. They have three children together, two of which are twins.

Parker and Cody Spotts, the twins, are 22 years old, and Tyler Spotts, their oldest son, is 28.

Collen Oregon, Ed’s first wife, died in a car accident. They married in 1992 and divorced two years later. However, the divorce was finalised in 1994.


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