When did Alex Smith Get Injured? Detailed Info!

When did Alex Smith Get Injured? Detailed Info!
When did Alex Smith Get Injured? Detailed Info!

Alex Smith, what happened to him? The narrative of his fractured leg and two-year miracle NFL recovery

The return of Alex Smith to an NFL field may be described as a “miracle.”

Dr. Robin West, the team’s physician, informed ESPN earlier this year that this was the case. When Smith sustained a complex fracture with further issues in 2018, it appeared like his NFL career was over. Instead, he spent nearly two years rehabbing and undergoing 17 operations in order to return to the NFL. Smith has started two games for the Washington Football Team this season, winning his first game since Week 11 of 2018.

Here’s a look back at Smith’s road to recovery:

What was the nature of Alex Smith’s injury?

The Texans tackled Smith in the backfield on Nov. 18, 2018. Smith sustained a complex fracture, which shattered both the tibia and fibula in his right leg after his right leg was trapped at an uncomfortable angle.

Smith’s recovery was difficult as he tried to recover from an injury caused by a flesh-eating bacterium infection following his initial operation. Smith required 16 additional operations after the first treatment to correct the complicated fracture before his leg could be totally recovered.

Smith needs to wear a unique titanium brace to safeguard his leg even after returning to the field since he lost a lot of tissue during the procedures.

Alex Smith is ‘very fortunate to be alive,’ according to him. Smith told ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” earlier this year that he considers himself “very fortunate to be alive.”

A flesh-eating bacterium took hold a few days after Smith’s original operation and created massive difficulties. Dr. Robin West, the Washington team physician, was with Smith at the time. West, according to ESPN, said: “We’re giving it our all. And for now, our number one goal is to save his life. Then we’ll do all we can to preserve his leg. Anything more than that is a miracle.”

Smith’s life was jeopardized by the virus. Smith was septic as a result of the illness, which meant he was releasing a lot of chemicals into his bloodstream to attempt to fight it. Organ harm might have resulted from the chemicals. Smith’s right leg would be amputated above the knee if the infection could not be cleared up by medical personnel.

According to ESPN, Smith had to have a muscle transplant and microvascular surgery to help with the infection, and he needed more than 10 procedures to bring things under control. Smith’s medical staff didn’t give him the green light to return to the field until July 2020, about 20 months after the first injury.

Timeline for Alex Smith’s recovery

18 November 2018 – Smith breaks both the tibia and fibula in his right leg against the Texans, resulting in a complex fracture.

After the initial operation, Smith developed a bacterial infection in his right leg in late November 2018. It necessitates thinking about amputation and taking steps to save Smith’s life. After the operation on the day of the injury, Smith would undergo 16 additional surgeries.

23 September 2019 – On social media, a video of Smith walking without crutches was shared.

The date is July 24, 2020. Smith’s medical staff has approved him to return to the field.

27 July 2020 – Smith is placed on the Physically Unable to Perform list by Washington.

Washington activates Smith on August 16, 2020, after a poor start to training camp.

11th of October, 2020 – Smith takes over as Kyle Allen’s backup quarterback when Dwayne Haskins is benched. On October 11, Allen is forced to leave the game due to an injury, and Smith takes his place. Smith completed 9 of 17 passes for 37 yards.

8 November 2020 – With Allen out of the game due to a significant leg injury, Smith steps in for his second relief appearance of the season.

15 November 2020 – In a defeat against the Lions, Smith attempted 55 passes and completed 38 for 390 yards. Those completion and attempt totals were also career highs.

22nd of November, 2020 – Smith passes for 166 yards and a score as the Washington Redskins defeat the Cincinnati Bengals, giving Smith his first victory since November 11, 2018.


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