Watch: Michael Chandler Knockout Video, Front Kick

Michael Chandler Knockout Video
Michael Chandler Knockout Video

TONY FERGUSON was sent to the hospital following his terrible UFC 274 defeat to Michael Chandler, but he was later discharged after extra medical examinations.

In the second round of their Pheonix fight, the former interim lightweight champion was knocked out cold by new fan favorite Chandler.

Ferguson, 38, was knocked out by Chandler, who ended a two-fight losing run with a picture-perfect front kick.

El Cucucy, who had won the opening round, faceplanted the canvas and took nearly two minutes to recover.

As a precaution, the UFC’s medical team rushed him to the hospital for more testing.

Ferguson, on the other hand, was quickly freed after his CT (computed tomography) scans came back negative.

Tony Ferguson vs Michael Chandler Full Fight Video

The Gila River Arena was thrown into chaos after Chandler’s viral KO of Ferguson.

Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, was taken aback by the brutal stoppage.

“That was the most devastating knockout I’ve ever seen,” he declared in the post-fight news conference.

Ferguson’s defeat against Chandler was his fourth in a row, however, it was his first stoppage loss.

But White insists that the season 13 victor of the Ultimate Fighter is far from over, saying: “In the first round, he looked fantastic.

“But it was a brutal knockout. But, after that knockout, I believe Tony needs to take some time off.”

The seasoned promoter continued: “I’m not sure what he’ll do next.

“But it’s not like, ‘Oh my God, Tony has been controlled and appears to be out of place here.’

“Tony looked fantastic until he was discovered.

“And you know how anyone can get caught with anything in this game.”


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