Wade Ryan: Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, Fight Result

Wade Ryan is an experienced Australian boxer who has competed in the sport for many years. He is well-known for his impressive boxing statistics in several Australian titles.

Wade Ryan: Age, Weight, Record, Net Worth, Fight Result


31 years

Wade Ryan, 31, is currently making waves on social media platforms. His intriguing game numbers and background, which entertain boxing enthusiasts, have landed him in the press.

Wade is an Australian boxer who has been competing for a long time. Many Australian cognomens have praised him for his remarkable fighting abilities.


122 kg

With respect to total assets, there are very few insights about this. Notwithstanding, He has been playing for quite a while, and enclosing Australia compensates fairly, as indicated by various sources.


Wade Ryan: Age, Weight,  Record, Net Worth, Fight Result


Ryan made his professional debut on 15 Jun 2012 at the age of 22.

16 Wins, 5 by KO
8 Losses, 1 by KO
0 Draws

His professional record consists of 24 total fights, with 16 Wins (5 by KO), 8 Losses, 0 Draws.

Ryan is in the middleweight division, he fights in the southpaw stance.

Net Worth:

Wade Ryan might earn around $1 million, his actual information is not available yet.

However, as per the various sources, he has been performing for an extended period, and battles in Australia are thought to compensate well.

Because boxing is his principal source of net worth and income, it is considered that he possesses a sufficient sum.

Fight result:

There are few pages with reliable information about Wade. He is said to have a storied boxing career. Out of 54 fighters in the Australian classification, he is ranked third. He is now ranked 67th in the world.

Since the year 2012, he has been engrossed with playing combat. Wade has completed 195 rounds so far, with a 22 percent pass-out ratio.



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