Tyrese Hunter: Age, Height, Stats, Weight, Net Worth

Tyrese Hunter is a piece of an extremely gifted pack of players coming out from the Iowa State Cyclones group. Tyrese is, for certain, probably the most splendid star.

Tyrese Hunter: Age, Height, Stats, Weight, Net Worth


Racine St. Catherine’s Tyrese Hunter has talent, basketball acumen and a bright future. Life, however, has been anything but easy for the 17-year-old.  

“I never question God because he does everything for a reason. I just kept believing in him,” Hunter said.


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Hunter lost both his parents by the time he was in eighth grade. His father, Brian, passed away from sudden cardiac arrest when Hunter was just 6 years old. A few years later, his mother, Ida, died of kidney failure when he was just 13 years old.  

“I mean she was like my best friend. She wanted to see me succeed, so I mean every day, I got an angel watching over me, so I keep thinking about that,” said Hunter.


Tyrese Hunter: Age, Height, Stats, Weight, Net Worth

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Tough circumstances for any child, and Hunter had a few helping hands to pull him out of a dark place.  

“My grandma, she was always there, basically played like a mom role so she was always there, and then my brother, he was a big brother. He played a father figure in my life,” Hunter said.

Net Worth:

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