The Sensation of “Puckdoku” Sweeping the Hockey World

A groundbreaking new game, “Puckdoku,” is making waves in the hockey community, captivating enthusiasts with its unique blend of strategy and hockey knowledge. Let’s delve into how this exciting game unfolds.

In “Puckdoku,” participants face a 3Ă—3 grid where each row and column is labeled with either a team name or a specific statistical criterion. The challenge lies in selecting players who simultaneously fulfill the criteria for both the assigned column and row. For instance, if your square corresponds to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ column and the St. Louis Blues’ row, players like Ryan O’Reilly would fit the bill. Similarly, if the column represents the Washington Capitals and the row indicates “40+ goals in a season,” Alex Ovechkin is a suitable answer.

Adding to the intrigue, each player has a rarity score displayed as a percentage. A lower ratio indicates a more uncommon and challenging guess. As players become familiar with the game, the goal is to achieve a consistently low rarity score.

Today’s Puckdoku Hints:

Red Wings/Sabres: Recognized as the NHL’s all-time career save percentage leader

Blue Jackets/Sabres: Holds the title of the NHL’s all-time highest-scoring Austrian forward

Jets/Sabres: Former top-five draft pick

Red Wings/Canadiens: The oldest player to appear in an NHL game, excluding Gordie Howe

Blue Jackets/Canadiens: Exhibits a Wayne Gretzky-like prowess against the Toronto Maple Leafs

Jets/Canadiens: Former first-round pick of the Buffalo Sabres

Red Wings/10+ wins season: Winner of the William M. Jennings Award 12 years apart with the same team

Blue Jackets/10+ wins season: Embarked on a career with the Philadelphia Flyers

Jets/10+ wins season: Vezina Trophy recipient in 2020

Curious to test your skills? Play the game here.

And now, the moment of truth—today’s popular answers to the Puckdoku puzzle are unveiled below this image of referees. If you wish to maintain the suspense, avoid scrolling further!

Red Wings/Sabres: Dominik Hasek

Blue Jackets/Sabres: Thomas Vanek

Jets/Sabres: Evander Kane

Red Wings/Canadiens: Chris Chelios

Blue Jackets/Canadiens: Josh Anderson

Jets/Canadiens: Joel Armia

Red Wings/10+ wins season: Chris Osgood

Blue Jackets/10+ wins season: Sergei Bobrovsky

Jets/10+ wins season: Connor Hellebuyck




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