The 10 Fastest Football Goals In History

The goals came so quickly that fans could not even sit in their seats that they were amazed at what their team achieved. Without delay, let’s take a look at our top 10 fastest goalscorers in football history.

The 10 Fastest Football Goals In History

1. Nicklas Bendtner

This is technically supposed to be out of scope, but you cannot simply ignore a goal scored by anyone in a mere 1.8 seconds of them being on the pitch. 

Lord Niklas Bendner took none other than master passer Cesc Fabregas to make his appearance as a substitute for Arsenal against Spurs and net home. He may not have had the brightest career run in world football, but Bendner did manage to record the fastest goals in football history.

2. Marc Burrows

It is the fastest goal scored from a kick-off in the history of football. In 2004, Mark Burroughs of Cowes Sports Club scored a goal 2 seconds after the start of the match, and most of that two seconds was his build-up run towards the ball when his teammate ran along the half-line for kick-off.

Rolled the ball. He hit the ball so hard that it went ahead. Just as Abed had hit, the ball went over the keeper and into the top right corner of the net. As we said earlier, this is the fastest goal ever from kick-off.

3. Nawaf al abed

During the 2010-11 season, Al Hilal played Al Shoalah in a Qatar Cup match. Al Abed noticed that the goalkeeper was out of position at the start and wasn’t entirely covering the goal.

What occurred next was just incredible. Instead of giving the ball to his teammate, he took the shot himself.

A shot so sharp that no one could fathom what was going on until the ball zipped past the keeper in the upper right-hand corner of the Al Shoalah net and he was too stunned to react.

4. Jim Fryatt

He scored this goal ahead of time. Well we mean the 1964-65 season. Bradford Park was a fourth-tier English team playing against Tranmere Rovers. Now, there is no data on how exactly he scored the goal or what happened in the match, but the feat alone is unbelievable.

Scoring a goal in just 4 seconds No matter what level of football you’re playing, it’s not a downer. This goal so far is the second fastest goal in football scored on British soil.

5. Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill is widely regarded as one of the fastest players in the world of football, but what he achieved in the final game of the 2013 season was too fast for his standards.

Cahill started the game by swinging the ball to his teammate and fell to the right side of the penalty area. He controlled the ball to his chest about 10 yards from the box, bounced it over the defender and shot the ball from just outside the box to the upper right corner.

The 10 Fastest Football Goals In History

6. Shane Long

Southampton have produced many amazing players and have developed many more after joining their team. One such player is Shane Long. The forward went fearless in the game against Watford in the 2018–19 EPL season.

He charged forward at incredible speed, intercepting a takedown by Craig Cathcart and dunking the ball over Ben Foster the Watford keeper. This goal helped him break the Ladley King’s record for almost 19 years. He now holds the record for the fastest goal scorer in Premier League history.

7. Ledley King

Ledley King was a central defender and usually played around the half line when the team had the same authority as any other central defender in the world. Now a days this gentleman who is now a Spurs legend decided to take the whole world by surprise.

In the year 2000, Spurs faced Bradford City in one of the most lucrative games of that season. A top-up header fell at the feet of Ladley Kings, who rushed forward with the ball about 30 yards from the goal and decided to test his luck.

8. Mark Viduka

Mark Viduka is one of the greatest Australian football players of all time and captained his country in the last 16 of the 2006 World Cup. He spent time playing in Croatia, Scotland and Australia before eventually playing in the Premier League.

In England, Viduka would establish himself as a prolific scorer, particularly at Leeds United where he scored 22 goals in two different seasons.

9. Dwight Yorke

Dwight York is famous for being one of the fastest players in the Premier League. He was also quick on the score-sheet when playing for Aston Villa against Coventry in 1995.

York led his team after just 13 seconds, and this initial blow would prove to be too much to recover as the score ended 3–0. , Shortly after kick-off, Ian Taylor was sent down on the right hand side and hit a right cross, which York was able to drive home.

10. Jesus Navas

There is always some extra excitement in the air when two of the top teams face off against each other, and this was certainly the case when Tottenham traveled to Man City on November 24, 2013.

It would prove to be a high-scoring and dramatic affair, but it’s not like Spurs fans will look back, as they were on the wrong end of a 6-0 loss.


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