Puma Ceases Sponsorship of Israel’s National Football Team Starting 2024

Sports giant Puma has confirmed its decision to terminate sponsorship of Israel’s national football team, effective from 2024, as revealed by a company spokesperson.

The move, strategically planned since the previous year, is emphasized as unrelated to recent consumer-driven boycott calls against Israel in light of the Gaza conflict. The German sportswear firm has long faced scrutiny and boycott demands for its association with the Israel Football Association (IFA).

According to the spokesperson, Puma’s contractual commitments with various federations, including Serbia and Israel, are set to conclude in 2024 and will not undergo renewal. This development aligns with Puma’s broader strategy known as “fewer-bigger-better,” emphasizing a selective approach to partnerships.

In a statement shared with Reuters, the spokesperson expressed Puma’s intention to unveil new sponsorship agreements with additional national teams in the near future.

Internal Memo Clarification:

A confidential Puma memorandum, reviewed by the Financial Times, corroborates the reported shake-up. The memo outlines Puma’s commitment to assessing all existing partnerships and exploring upcoming opportunities to ensure a robust portfolio of national teams, as reported by the newspaper.

Puma has been under sustained pressure from activists urging a boycott due to its association with the IFA, a situation exacerbated by the inclusion of teams located in Jewish-only settlements within the occupied West Bank, deemed illegal under international law.


Amid the ongoing Gaza conflict, global companies expressing support for Israel find themselves increasingly targeted by the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement, reflecting a broader trend of heightened scrutiny during the recent tumultuous events.




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