Paul Harris: Lawyer Mercedes, QC F1, Man City, Anwalt

Paul Percy Harris was a Chicago, Illinois, attorney. He founded the club that became the humanitarian organisation Rotary International in 1905.

Paul Harris: Lawyer Mercedes, QC F1, Man City, Anwalt

Lawyer Mercedes:

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes hired a lawyer who previously represented Manchester City in their attempts to overturn the controversial ending to the Formula One championship in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the race that earned him the world title by passing Hamilton after a late safety car allowed him back into the contest.

QC F1:

Mercedes looks set to still protest the result of the 2021 F1 world championship, with barrister Paul Harris QC leading their case, but who is he? Which cases has Harris been involved with in F1? How did he once successfully defend the team?

Of the two protests Mercedes put into the stewards on Sunday night, one was always destined to fail. The team has signaled its intent to appeal to the FIA International Court of Appeal about the last lap in Abu Dhabi, that it feels, by a strict reading of the rules, should never have happened.

Man City:

Paul Harris: Lawyer Mercedes, QC F1, Man City, Anwalt

Mercedes launched two appeals in the aftermath of the controversial race, one being against Verstappen for supposedly overtaking during safety car conditions, and the second for a breach of rules regarding race restarts after a safety car period.

And lawyer Paul Harris QC, who helped Premier League club Manchester City avoid a UEFA ban last year, was part of the discussions that took place between both teams in the stewards’ office post-race.


The German Formula 1 racing team has hired none other than the renowned sports attorney Paul Harris. “A powerful attorney and a strong force in court. He brings the most important points to the point and brings them forward,” writes the independent research firm Chambers UK.

Paul Harris caused a sensation in the sporting world in 2020 when he led Manchester City’s successful appeal against UEFA’s Champions League ban before the International Court of Justice.


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