Nico Rosberg Declines Formula E Seat Post F1 Retirement

Nico Rosberg Declines Formula E Seat Post F1 Retirement
Nico Rosberg Declines Formula E Seat Post F1 Retirement

Renowned Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg, who hung up his racing gloves in 2016 after clinching the F1 title in a dramatic showdown with teammate Lewis Hamilton, recently disclosed that he turned down an opportunity to join the Formula E series immediately following his retirement.

Rosberg, currently engaged in philanthropic endeavors and serving as a commentator for F1 races on Sky Sports, has displayed a keen interest in Formula E. Notably, he became a shareholder in 2018 and even test-drove the Gen 2 cars to assess their performance.Speaking about the Formula E offer, Rosberg shared, “On the night of my retirement, I received an offer to drive in Formula E. Interestingly, the offer was extended to my wife first, who then informed me. Nevertheless, I declined as I had just concluded my racing career and was not eager to resume immediately.”

Rosberg’s Continued Involvement and Optimism for Hamilton

Since his retirement, Rosberg has actively explored electric vehicles, testing the Rimac Nevera on multiple occasions. The 2016 F1 champion remains a regular presence at F1 events, often conducting interviews with drivers post-race.

Reflecting on his former team, Mercedes, and his past rivalry with Lewis Hamilton, Rosberg expressed optimism about Hamilton’s pursuit of an eighth title. The retired German driver, a pivotal force for Mercedes during their dominant era, believes in the team’s capabilities and anticipates a strong championship charge.

“I believe in Mercedes’ ability because I was there. I know how strong they are. It’s always the same people. Certainly, there is a chance that Hamilton could once again fight for the championship next year,” stated Nico Rosberg, as reported by

Mercedes’ Struggles and Hopes for 2024

Despite Rosberg’s confidence in Mercedes, the team has faced challenges in 2023, failing to secure a race victory with an unsuccessful concept. This marks the second consecutive year without a Championship win, with main rivals Red Bull emerging victorious in both campaigns. As the eight-time Constructors’ Champions look ahead, they aim for a more successful 2024 season.




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