NASCAR-Bound Shane van Gisbergen Calls for Supercars Series ‘Rebrand’

Renowned three-time Supercars champion, Shane van Gisbergen, is poised to embark on a significant career shift, securing a developmental contract with Justin Marks’ Trackhouse Racing for the upcoming NASCAR season. His entry into the premier stock car racing championship follows a triumphant debut at the inaugural Chicago Street Race.


Prior to his transition to the United States, the accomplished driver shared insights into the transformations he deems imperative for the sustained relevance of the Supercars series. A central proposition in his vision is the reversion to its original nomenclature, the V8 Supercars, reclaiming its identity from the current Repco Supercars Championship.

“The first thing I would do is rebrand it [the sport] back to V8 Supercars,” affirms van Gisbergen.

Aligned with his momentous NASCAR venture, van Gisbergen cites dissatisfaction with the sport’s trajectory as a key factor in departing from Supercars, where he boasts an impressive tally of 81 victories. A vocal critic of the limitations imposed on teams due to the new generation of cars, he contends that Supercars must address these concerns for its continued growth.

Van Gisbergen’s Four-Point Agenda for Supercars Improvement

  1. Continuation of Wind Tunnel Testing Parity
  2. Increased Investment in Tire Technology
  3. Elimination of Fuel Drop
  4. Adjustment in Initial Fuel Load

Expanding on his vision, the Kiwi racer outlines four additional modifications crucial for enhancing the Supercars experience. Van Gisbergen advocates the sustained application of wind tunnel testing for parity, emphasizing the significance of allocating more resources to tire development, recognizing them as the linchpin of racing performance.

“Then, I would do the wind tunnel testing for parity, which they are doing…I would then also put a different type of Dunlop tire on cars. You need to spend more money on tires; they are the most important part of racing,” asserts van Gisbergen.

The remaining two alterations in his proposed overhaul involve scrapping the fuel drop element and adjusting the initial fuel load permitted in the cars. Van Gisbergen envisions that these changes would foster sustainability in racing and introduce strategic elements, such as varying pitstop frequencies.

“Then, I would probably [look to potentially] get rid of all the fuel drop stuff…If you could change the start level or how much you had to put in, you would bring in fuel saving, trying to have different levels of pitstops, or amount of how many pitstops; I think that would make the racing much better,” concludes van Gisbergen.

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