Max Verstappen’s Reveals When He’ll get Married!

Max Verstappen's Reveals When He'll get Married!
Max Verstappen's Reveals When He'll get Married!

Formula 1 sensation Max Verstappen has been romantically linked with supermodel Kelly Piquet since the beginning of 2021. The Dutch racing star and the daughter of the former three-time world champion, Nelson Piquet, have been making appearances together in the F1 paddock, officially acknowledging their relationship in January 2021.

Kelly Piquet, nine years Max Verstappen’s senior, first encountered the racing prodigy through her brother, Nelson Jr., during a lively evening in Monaco back in 2016. The couple decided to take their relationship public in 2021, revealing their happiness to the world.

The Marriage Question

When questioned about the prospect of marriage, Max Verstappen remained candid but elusive. In an interview with Blick, he stated, “Get married? Me? Now you’ve publicly pressurized me to say a date! (Laughs) I don’t know, time will tell. At the moment I’m very, very happy with Kelly, but personally, I don’t have a timetable for when I’ll get down on one knee in front of her. It’s all supposed to happen spontaneously.”

Verstappen’s response indicates his contentment with the current state of his relationship with Brazilian supermodel Kelly Piquet, yet the timing for a potential marriage proposal remains uncertain.

Piquet’s Past Relationships

Prior to her involvement with Max Verstappen, Kelly Piquet was in a relationship with former Red Bull driver Danii Kvyat. Their romance led to the birth of their daughter, Penelope, in July 2019.

Piquet's X Boyfriend
Piquet’s X Boyfriend

However, the couple decided to part ways a few months later. Penelope resides with Kelly, who has openly shared that Verstappen has developed a close bond with her daughter.

Since becoming an integral part of Max Verstappen’s life, Kelly Piquet’s presence has coincided with a remarkable turn in Verstappen’s racing fortunes. The young driver has clinched three consecutive titles since 2021, hinting at a promising future laden with more success.




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