Martin Brundle Advises Lando Norris to Explore Options Amid Winless Stint in 2024

Renowned British driver Lando Norris, following a commendable comeback from a performance slump at the onset of the 2023 season, finds himself yet to secure his inaugural victory with McLaren in Formula 1 at the age of 24. In light of this, F1 Presenter Martin Brundle has shared sagacious counsel for Norris.

Responding to inquiries about Norris potentially departing the team after another winless season in 2024, Brundle observed the current trend among F1 drivers to focus steadfastly on a single team. Nevertheless, the 64-year-old emphasized the relatively compact nature of the F1 business and urged a talented driver like Norris to keep an open mind regarding future prospects.

“Whether you’re the team boss or whether you’re the drivers, you have to say, ‘I only have eyes for one team one driver pairing.’ But it’s a very small business, relatively speaking, and your career whizzes past; you’ve got to keep your options open.”

While acknowledging the advantages of loyalty to a single team, Brundle asserted that Norris should explore alternative options if he fails to secure a victory in the upcoming season. The F1 driver’s priority should be positioning himself optimally for a shot at the world title.

“Loyalty pays, especially these days in F1 teams; you can build something together. But if he sees another year out without a victory, he’ll have to, and in any event, he should be making sure he’s in the best possible place to win a world championship.”

Martin Brundle Commends McLaren’s Driver Line-Up

Despite urging Norris to consider other possibilities, Brundle did not overlook the formidable driver lineup at McLaren. The synergy between rookie Oscar Piastri and the seasoned Lando Norris, according to Brundle, has been instrumental in producing outstanding results for the Woking-based team. He acknowledged that McLaren is currently ‘in ascendancy’ with this lineup.

Furthermore, Brundle asserted that McLaren comprehensively understands and integrates every upgrade to their challenger, resulting in significant improvements to the car’s pace and performance. This meticulous approach to upgrades aligns the data from Woking with on-track performance, leading to substantial gains for the British team.

Martin Brundle’s Hope for a Competitive 2024 Season

Expressing his desire for a competitive 2024 season, Brundle voiced his hope that Red Bull does not dominate the grid. He emphasized that the championship contention should involve not only McLaren but also Ferrari, Mercedes, and Aston Martin, promising an enthralling season for fans.

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