Kobe Young: Winston Salem Nc, Who, What Happened, Death

The obituary for Towson’s Kobe Young has yet to be released. Coach Ambrose has made a tweet about the player’s death. His condolences have been expressed to his family.

Kobe Young: Winston Salem Nc, Who, What Happened, Death

Winston Salem Nc:

Kobe Young was a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina whose death took place at his home. The graduating senior student of Towson University, Young was majoring in health care management.

Young, a 6-foot-tall running back, played for the team from 2017 to 2019. His death had recently surfaced online after the team’s announcement.

Their friends and family are mourning the loss of their loved one, who was considered a rare and special soul. Towson Tigers Football has vowed to remember the player, saying that Young will be a part of the team forever.


Kobe Young has passed away. Young, whose smile could light up people’s faces, died over the weekend.

The running back for the Towson Tigers football team released a statement mourning the loss of his player. His friends followed and shared condolence messages to the family of the deceased.

Young was blessed with 4 siblings. Torrez Young and Charles Young are his brothers while Page Young and Christy Young are his sisters. The families of Kobe Young are mourning the loss and have decided to step away from the media to discuss the details.

What happened:

Kobe Young: Winston Salem Nc, Who, What Happened, Death

According to ESPN, Young was a senior who played running back for the Towson Tigers. He wore number 19 and stood at 1.83 m tall.

Young was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and played four seasons for the Tigers. He first played for the team back in 2017.

The athlete’s most productive season was in 2018 when he played in all 12 games and finished second with Towson’s 72 carries, 455 rushing yards and three touchdowns.


“The Tiger family mourns the lose of one of our own. Kobe Young, graduating senior running back, passed away at home over the weekend.”

“When he walked into a room, or your life, the brightness of that room, that moment, changed. Changed with his smile. Kobe’s smile lighted up our world. It was a smile to share with you.”

It was shown that he was sharing his sincere purity of heart with you. The warmth of that smile is like standing in the hot sun.

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