Kevin Harvick Applauds ECR Engine’s VP Amidst NASCAR Horsepower Debate

In the dynamic realm of NASCAR, the ongoing discourse surrounding horsepower has seized the spotlight, drawing insights from key figures within the racing community. Notably, Kevin Harvick, a recent retiree from NASCAR, has voiced his support for the stance championed by Bob Fisher, the Senior Vice President of ECR Engines.

The crux of the current dialogue hinges on NASCAR’s hesitancy to elevate the horsepower limit beyond the current 670 horsepower threshold, citing concerns about research and development costs. Nevertheless, Fisher, during an interview with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, provided a refreshing perspective, expressing enthusiasm to push the limits.

“We want all the horsepower we can get, and you know, these engines are capable of producing well over 900 horsepower.”

Kevin Harvick, an influential figure in the NASCAR Cup Series, conveyed his approval of Fisher’s standpoint by sharing a clip on his official social media handle, accompanied by applause emojis. While refraining from direct commentary, Harvick’s use of emojis implies his endorsement of Fisher’s perspective on the ongoing horsepower debate.

Fisher, proposing a moderate increase in horsepower to 750, assures that this adjustment would not pose a significant challenge for engine companies. He affirmed that they already possess a validated engine package capable of handling such power levels, signifying a preparedness to implement changes without causing major disruptions.

Bob Fisher Addresses NASCAR’s Approach to Increased Horsepower

Amid recent discussions about potentially adding horsepower specifically for short tracks, Fisher expressed his belief that increasing horsepower to 750 wouldn’t be a massive undertaking for engine companies.

“We already have a package that we used to run engines in multiple races with the seals on and would feel quite comfortable doing that.”

Fisher acknowledged NASCAR’s cautious approach, stating, “But I know NASCAR. They don’t really want to talk about it.” He noted that NASCAR has not extensively sought input from other engine companies. However, when consulted within his department, he reassured that they haven’t been against it by any stretch of imagination.

Harvick’s backing of Fisher’s position emphasizes the imperative of striking a balance between performance improvements and financial considerations within the NASCAR community. As deliberations persist and potential changes loom, the endorsement from a seasoned driver like Harvick lends weight to the argument for a measured approach to evolving the sport.

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