KD Chooses LeBron’s Lakers for $500,000 Prize

KD Chooses LeBron's Lakers for $500,000 Prize
KD Chooses LeBron's Lakers for $500,000 Prize

In a surprising move, Kevin Durant from the Phoenix Suns has openly picked the Los Angeles Lakers, led by LeBron James, to win the $500,000 prize in the NBA In-Season Tournament. This comes after a controversial quarter-final game where the Suns lost to the Lakers under disputed circumstances.

A disputed timeout call involving LeBron James affected the Suns vs. Lakers quarter-final, changing the game’s outcome. The Suns lost 103-106, sparking debates about the fairness of the officiating.

Durant, reflecting on the Lakers’ victory, stated with humor:

“I’m going with the Lakers since they beat us. They got the size, the quickest flight, and the most fans. It’s set up for them to win. I can’t wait to watch these intense games. I wasn’t a fan initially, but now I’m a huge fan of the In-Season Tournament and looking forward to watching it.”

Durant’s endorsement is significant, given his experience in the tournament. The Lakers’ journey to the semi-finals had its drama, with a controversial timeout call affecting their victory over KD’s Suns, raising questions about the game’s integrity and the referees’ decisions.

Suns’ Close Loss Despite Durant’s 31 Points

Despite Durant’s outstanding performance, scoring 31 points with impressive efficiency, the Suns fell short. Durant also contributed with 4 assists and 7 rebounds. However, a critical moment came when he missed a long 3-point attempt that could have forced overtime.

The match was overshadowed by a controversial referees’ call, granting LeBron James’ timeout despite the ball being loose, knocked away by Devin Booker just moments earlier.

KD Chooses LeBron's Lakers for $500,000 Prize
KD & LeBron shaking hands

Booker and the Suns’ coach, Frank Vogel, were devastated. Durant, however, showed understanding, saying:

“It’s one play. It’s a 48-minute game. I don’t like to complain about calls. Sometimes the ref won’t get it right. It’s on us to play through it and not worry about putting the game in the ref’s hands.”

The NBA In-Season Tournament has added excitement to the regular season. With its unique format and big prize, it has captured the attention of players and fans, making every game more intense.



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