Joe Smith JR: Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Joe Smith Jr. is an American professional boxer. He has held the WBO light heavyweight title since April 2021 and previously challenged for the WBA light heavyweight title in 2019.

Joe Smith JR: Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth


Vinson Knight
m. 1842–1844 · m. 1842–1844
Zina D. H. Young
m. 1841–1844 · m. 1841–1844
Joseph Smith
m. 1827–1844 · m. 1827–1844
Sarah M. Cleveland

Kelly Smith is a professional boxer Joe Smith Wife. She is the longtime girlfriend of joe smith, and finally, they are together after getting married.

Joe hasn’t disclosed more about her wife, kelly smith, so it is hard to mention more about her. Kelly Smith is on one of joe smith’s Instagram account posts in which they are hugging each other.


The only woman legally wed to Smith, who he claimed publicly was his only spouse, and the only union known to have produced offspring. Continued church activity within the RLDS Church. 


Joe Smith JR: Married, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth

The first publication of a list of women alleged to be Smith’s plural wives was in 1887, by Andrew Jenson, an assistant LDS Church historian. It included 27 women besides Emma Smith.

Throughout life and on her deathbed she denied that her husband had plural wives. Claimed that the very first time she ever became aware of a polygamy revelation being attributed to Smith was when she read about it in Orson Pratt’s periodical The Seer in 1853. Emma Hale and Joseph Smith were sealed together on May 28, 1843.

Net Worth:

Joe Smith Net Worth: How Rich is he? Joe Smith Jr. has long since become one of the best fighters where individuals guarantee that they have amassed enough cash in their net worth.

Additionally, individuals admit that they have net worth of millions. Talking about his net worth figure, it is currently around $4 million. Be that as it may, it remains to be investigated.

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