Joe Burrow Diamond Necklace: All You Need To Know!

Joe Burrow Diamond Necklace
Joe Burrow Diamond Necklace

Joe Burrow Diamond Necklace: Joe Burrow’s jewelry received a lot of attention before the AFC Championship game and after the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Kansas City Chiefs to win a Super Bowl spot on Sunday.

“They’re absolutely real,” Burrow said when asked if the gems were real. I earn far too much money to have phony ones.”

Burrow had another great game for the Bengals, throwing for 250 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception on 23-of-38 passing.

Burrow and another clutch kick from Evan McPherson aided the Bengals to a 27-24 victory over the Chiefs on Sunday, and Bengals supporters were ecstatic Monday night, chanting their traditional cheer, “Who Dey?!”

All you Need To Know About Joe Burrow Diamond Necklace

Joe Burrow is more often referred to as Joe Shiesty for a reason. Just hours before the Conference Final game against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback’s pregame attire went viral. Burrow wore a heavy grey coat, fancy spectacles, headphones, and a gleaming ‘JB9’ diamond necklace to match his outfit as he arrived at the stadium.

Burrow’s shone on the football field as well. The Bengals rallied from a 21-3 deficit to capture the AFC title in overtime, 27-24, over Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs. During the post-game news conference, the second-year quarterback sported a massive Nike necklace and was questioned whether it was real. Burrow stated, “

“They are unmistakably real. I earn much too much money to use phony ones “With a broad smile on his face, the Super Bowl-bound player stated.

Burrow isn’t the first person to wear a No.9 diamond necklace. The former LSU quarterback is a recognized jewelry collector. According to ESPN, world-renowned jeweler, Leo Frost flew to Cincinnati in 2020 to present Burrow with a custom-made No.9 diamond chain.

“He like wearing jewels. He likes the way it looks “Frost had commented at the time.

Burrow remarks in the ‘JB9’ necklace that he makes ‘too much money to have phony (diamonds)’

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow fielded multiple questions about his “JB9” diamond necklace, which he wore as he addressed the media following Cincinnati’s 27-24 overtime triumph against the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game on Sunday in Kansas City.

Burrow remarked that he made too much money for the diamonds to be false, adding, “They’re absolutely real.”

Burrow isn’t the first person to wear a No. 9 diamond necklace.

According to ESPN, Houston jeweler Leo Frost flew to Cincinnati in August 2020 to give a diamond No. 9 chain to Burrow.

According to the ESPN report, Frost, a world-renowned high-end jeweler, defined the necklace as an 18-carat white gold diamond Cuban link with an 18-carat white gold No. 9 pendant, which corresponds to Burrow’s jersey number.

Frost told ESPN that it cost between $25,000 and $30,000.

Frost told ESPN, “He truly likes jewelry.” “He likes the way it looks.”

Frost didn’t claim he designed the “JB9” necklace on Sunday, but he did post about it on Instagram. “Nike don’t pay me to tell you, ‘Just do it.’ They pay me to show you I do it again,” Frost captioned a photo of Burrow wearing the new “JB9” necklace on his Instagram page, @leofrost.

After Burrow’s remark, Front tweeted again on Sunday, this time with the hashtags “#JB9” and “#itcoststofrost.”


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