Jets vs Canadiens: Prediction, Time, Team News, Preview

When will Carey Price play again? Canadiens goaltender returns to team on Monday

Jets vs Canadiens: Svechnikov’s tiebreaking goal gave the Jets 4-2 to the Canadiens. sent back from – Evgeny Svechnikov scored a tiebreaking goal in the middle of the third period, as the Winnipeg Jets beat the Montreal Canadiens 4-2 on Monday night.

Jets vs Canadiens: Prediction, Time, Team News, Preview


Winnipeg kept their short playoff hopes alive for another night thanks to Sunday’s 4-3 win in Ottawa.

The Jets will be back at it as they head to Montreal to challenge the Canadiens on Monday.

The Canadiens have been far from a pushover under Martin St. Louis, and will look to take advantage of a much softer Winnipeg club – at least, with respect to defensive play. However, Winnipeg has some uniquely offensive pieces, and uses its scoring abilities to salvage the defense.


Start time: 7:00 PM EDT / 4:00 PM PDT
In Canada: Sportsnet (English)
In the U.S.: NHL Network
In the Canadiens region: RDS (French)
Streaming: ESPN+NHL LiveRDS DirectSportsnet Now

When the Montreal Canadiens met the Winnipeg Jets for the first time this season on March 1, we were curious whether there would be a carryover from last year’s playoff series, particularly regarding how Jake Evans was forced to leave the mark after being forced to leave.

How will Schaffele be handled? Game 1 on a stretcher and nearly misses two rounds of action, which earned Scheifel a four-game suspension.

Team News:

Jets vs Canadiens: Prediction, Time, Team News, Preview

There’s just one NHL game on Monday night, and it’s not really going to be a ratings bonanza when the Winnipeg Jets travel to Montreal to let the Canadiens.

At this point in the NHL season, it’s appropriate to factor that level of motivation into your handicap.

While the numbers should still dictate where your money is going, there will be some teams that bookmakers can add to the “do not bet list” as the season winds down.


The regular season is coming to an end, which means that NHL betting is now starting to focus on the playoffs.

There’s just one game on the calendar on Monday, so all the focus will be on the Winnipeg Jets and Montreal Canadiens matchup.

The Jets are probably about to miss the playoffs as they enter the game seven points behind the Dallas Stars and Los Angeles Kings, and in addition to those two teams, they have an additional two squads ahead of them.

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